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If I blogged for a living, I'd be much more timely with my posts. But my commitment to Marketing Mondays and um, that other thing I do, limits what and when I post.

Before any more time goes by, however, I want to show you a few images from a beautiful show that's up through this Saturday, the 11th: Julie Evans's
Lesson From a Guinea Hen, at Julie Saul Gallery. Evans was in the gallery when I stopped in to see the show a few weeks ago. There we met for the first time (though we are Facebook Friends with many mutual friends in cyberspace and real life). .


View into the gallery: Framed work in color pencil and watermedia on paper. The top left work in the group of six on the far wall is shown below:
Ahmedabad Drawing (radial spores), 2008, acrylic and gouache on paper, 12 x 10 inches

A frequent traveler to India, Evans created this series of drawings after observing the small feathered birds on the grounds where she was staying. I love that in the land of the Taj Mahal, of shimmering saris, of the Ganges, of miniature paintings, and of the pattern on pattern on pattern of life there, it is the pindots on the feathers of a small bird that sparked this creative journey. Most of the images appear to float within the paper, buoyed by washes of color, and many have a veil of reflective light from micaceous pigments that shimmer over the surface. Evans keeps her work on the small side, as befits a student of miniature painting. Mandalas and decorative elements adorn the organic shapes. This is resolutely beautiful work.
My pics are not so good, because my little camera does not know how to adjust for the combination of skylight and incandescent illumination (and neither do I), so be sure to visit the gallery for more images of the show. And visit Edward Winkleman's post on Julie's work; it's got click-to-enlarge images. And, finally, visit Julie's own blog; there you'll see not only work from the current show but from the previous one, so you can see how her visual ideas have flowed over time.


This is the view with the far wall to your back. From foregound: Lesson From a Guinea Hen #11, #8, #6. Click here to see more



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