Fair Well: See You in Miami!

Updated 12.1: Miami resources, scroll to bottom of post

Projects Gallery at Aqua last year. This year: Room 116, a big suite off the courtyard

Yes, I'll be making the rounds of the fairs for blogging, but I'll also have work at Aqua Art in Miami. Come and see it at Projects Gallery, Room 116. I should be around on Wednesday evening, Friday morning, and again on Friday evening. Come and say hi to Frank and Helen, and take a look at who else the gallery is showing:  Ross Bonfanti, Craig Cully, Denise Dmochowski, Harry Enchin, Mike Geno, Frank Hyder, Florence Putterman, Alex Queral, Shirley Steele, Marcelo Suaznabar and Vivian Wolovitz

To receive your complimentary, one-day pass e-tickets, click here.  Please indicate that you are being invited by Projects Gallery.


Updated 12.1:
For organized listings of the who/what/where/when, click onto these two sources:
. Hyperallergic's Complete Guide, replete with map, links and some free e-passes
. Art-Collecting's Art Fair Guide, a linked listing of all the venues with notable events
. And if you are a Facebook friend, check my homepage for info about lunch on Friday, December 6
. Free passes to Art Context. Click here
. Free passes to Aqua Art. Click here
. Are you a Facebook friend? I've invited my FB buddies who are in Miami for the fairs to meet me on Friday, December 6, for a no-host lunch on Lincoln Road. Click onto my FB home page for the details


Sexy Russian Ladies

Bad blogger. I have not been posting regularly, but allow me to make it up to you with some bad poetry from the spam I've received recently.

I've used only the subject line info, verbatim. What's interesting is the subject matter. Maybe algorithms are targeting their subjects differently, or maybe we're seeing a sociological change of some sort. To wit: The penis-enlarger ads have, er, diminished while those for love and home improvement are on the rise.

Looking for something
Hi there
Are your windows looking a little dull?
You should add a sunroom to your home
Are you safe at home?
Open your tub and walk on in
Overweight? Lose 2-8 inches in hours
Bored with marriage?

Have a discreet encounter
Joints hurt? Try this
If you could look younger, why wouldn’t you?
Do you need pest control services?
Are your cords becoming a tangled mess?

Want to learn a new language fast?
Let’s chat then

Woman Looking
Allow me to introduce myself
Greetings from Miss Lea Edem
Greeings and salutations
Nice to meet you
My compliments to you
You look gorgeous
You’re my dream
Make me your girl

Stairway to Heaven
Hello dear, be blessed today
Sexy Russian ladies want to meet you
Your love story can start here . . .

Life is short, have an affair

Everyone wants one of these
The incredible expanding garden hose
Bigger size-extra fun
This could please your partner like never before
Feel like a superhero, no matter who you are
Be a super lover
Take your lady to heavens
Safe. Secure. No obligation.