Some Spring Shows

It started when Tony Fitzpatrick lamented having sent out postcards for his upcoming solo without the gallery address. I offered to post his info here on the blog. Then I thought: It's spring. Let's see what's coming up in Artlandia. I posted a call to my Facebook friends to ask for info on their upcoming shows, and here you have it. 

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Tony Fitzpatrick, The Secret Birds: New Drawings, Adventureland, 1513 n Western Ave, Chicago; April 4 - May 5

Mark Wethli, The Painting Center, New York City, through April 19

Nancy Baker, Come Hell or High Water,  Length x Width x Height Gallery, Seattle; May 6 - 31

Fran Shalom, The Painting Center, New York City; April 22 - May 19

Elizabeth Morrissette, Good Penmanship, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado; through April 5

James Austin Murray, Lyons Weir Gallery, New York City; April 3 - May 3

Jeanne Heifetz, Geometry of Hope, Lane Community College, Main Gallery, Eugene, Oregon; April 28 - May 22

Paula Roland, Navigating, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, Arizona;  April 5 - 26

Perri Neri, Monster: The Drawings, Ceres Gallery, New York City: April 1 - 26

Susan Bee, Doomed to Win: Paintings from the Early 1980s,  A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn; April 3 - 27

Sharon Kenny, Crevice and Chroma: Paintings from the Wissahickon, Music School of Delaware, Wilmington, through April 14;  Milford, April 15 - June 18

Donna Dodson, SIlent Scream: Personality Type and body Language, Boston Sculptors,  May 21 - June 22

Temme Barkin-Leeds, Interference Reactions to Shooter Video Games, Callanwolde Art Center, Atlanta: through May 9

Alyce Gottesman, Inverness, Artspace@MONDO, 426 Springfield Ave, Summit, N.J.; May 2 - 30

Kate Petley, Lined, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe; June 9-29

3.27.14: There's more!

Ellen Wineberg, Worldview, Bromfield Gallery, Boston; April 2 - 27

Linda Leslie Brown, New Work with Holes, Kingston Gallery, Boston; April 2 - 27

Jason Horowitz, Closer & Closer: Jason Horowitz, Works Thru Time, 1980-2014, Curator's Office, Washington, D.C.; through April 19

Clare Asch, Tidelines, Galatea Fine Art, Boston; April

Bernadetts Jiyong Frank, Spaces in Between, Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco;  June 5 - July 5

Lorrie Fredette, Foundation Gallery at Columbia Green Community College, Hudson, New York; through April 18

Laura Moriarty, Closed System,  Garrison Art Center, Garrison, New York; April 4 - May 12

Melinda Stickney-Gibson, New Paintings from the Woods, Butters Gallery, Portland, Oregon; May 1 - 31

Molly Herman,  Lingua Franca, The Painting Center, New York City; April 22 - May 17

Natalie Abrams, Beneath the Fold, City Ice Arts, Kansas City, Missouri; April

3.28.14: There's even more!

Karen Nielsen-Fried, Intuitive Geometries, Lundbeck Research Corporate Gallery, Paramus, N.J.; June 2 - 30, 2014    

Shelley Gilchrist, Roam, ARC Gallery, Chicago; May 28 - June 21

Andrew V. Wapinski, Restructured, Gallery Plan B, Washington, D.C.June 11 - July 13

Mary Early, Wax Points, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia; May 2 - May 31

David A. Clark, Ancient Histories, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson; May 3 - 30, 2014

Krista Svalbonas, Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, New York; June 14 - July 6

George Shaw, Singularity, Galatea Fine Art, Boston; June 

Cherie Mittenthal, Structures & Waves, KobaltGallery, Povincetown, Mass.;  June 5 – 19 

Anne Mavoe, Ancient Landscapes: The Spirit of Place, Highfield Hall, Falmouth, Mass.; May 25 - July 6

Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer, Avery, Movimento Space, Boston; through March 31

Arlene Slavin, Intersections: Museum Entry, The Guild Hall Museum, Easthampton, New York; May 23 - October 25



Sandro Botticelli, La Primavera, tempera on panel, 1478, at the Uffizzi, Firenze

La Primavera, fresco at the Museo Archeologico, Napoli


On Hiatus for Just a Bit Longer

Have you missed me? I've been on hiatus since mid-January when I got a new knee. Fifteen years of running on New York City pavement and then . . . trouble. Give me another week or so and I'll be back.

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