Affinities: Fiber and Wax

These following pages are from my article, Affinities: Fiber and Wax, from the current issue (Winter 2011) of the Surface Design Journal. I discuss nine artists--plus Jasper Johns and Louise Bourgeois, both masters of materiality--who integrate wax and fiber in ways that transcend conventional thinking about fiber or wax. 

The article grew out of a talk I gave to the Textile Study Group of New York in May 2010
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The Table of Contents, above, with the visual directory, below

The background image of the visual directory, above, is a detail of a waxed woven-paper surface. A full view of that work, by Joan Giordano, is on page 37, second image down from here

The opening page of the article, showing an installation by Louise Bourgeois. Cast wax hands, of parents and child, are on the pedestal in the foreground. They are surrounded by cones of yarn and thread. As a child, Bourgeois often lent a hand in her parents' tapestry restoration business in Choisy, near Paris. In the later years of her career, this master of many mediums focused largely on fiber and cloth. (This installation was part of the artist's 2008 retrospective at the Guggenheim in New York City)

Above, top: The work of Sam Moyer, whose work was shown in a solo at the Rachel Uffner Gallery on the Lower East Side in 2010;  and Joan Giordano at Serrano Contemporary in Chelsea in 2009
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Above: Valerie Hammond, top, in a solo at Walker Contemporary, Boston, in 2010; and Nancy Natale, whose work was included in Wax Libris II, at the Fourth International Encaustic Conference in Massachusetts in 2010

Above: Lorrie Fredette, top, shown at Surprenant Art and Design, Kingston, New York; my own diamond-shaped painting from a solo at Arden Gallery, Boston, in 2010; installation by Barbara Ellmann, shown at The Gallery of R&F, Kingston, New York, in 2010

Renee Magnanti carved painting, shown in the group exhibition Waxed in Time, at the Tenri Cultural Institute, New York City, in 2010

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Great article. Loved the wonderful examples of exciting work and your comments.