A Mixed Review

I am delighted that my small show at OK Harris has gotten some critical attention. Last week, Maureen Mullarkey's generous review appeared in The New York Sun. This week there is a review in Abstract Art on Line, an ambitious web project by Joseph Walentini, himself a painter. It's a mixed review, but Walentini said some very nice things, which I have excerpted below.

My buddy Richard Frumess offered this observation on the two reviews: "They're coming from two different directions: the Abstract Art Online review looks at the individual paintings through the whole show, the New York Sun review looks at the whole show through the individual paintings."

If you have a moment, go on line for Walentini's entire review, which contains thoughtful comments, and if you can, spend some time there. Not only am I in good company this issue--with Gregory Amenoff, Myron Stout (a huge fave of mine) and Michael Shemchuck (whose strong show is in another gallery at OK Harris)--Walentini's project is good reading. More than that, it's a wonderful example of how artists can expand their lives outside the studio.

From Abstract Art Online, May 15, 2007:
Joanne Mattera
OK Harris Gallery, 383 West Broadway, to May 26 At OK Harris: Silk Road 54, 2006, encaustic on panel, 12 x 12 inches

Over the years Joan[ne] Mattera has gradually reduced the imagery in her work to finally arrive at this celebration of color, surface and also the medium she has championed: encaustic painting. Mattera combines conceptual order, as embodied in the structure of the grid, with beauty. The grid is represented both explicitly and implicitly. With the former it is in the even distribution of the 1 foot by 1 foot square paintings along the wall. WIth the latter, the grid is subtly woven into the paint handling and the medium......Continue:

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