Getting Shot

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There are few things I dislike more than being photographed. No matter how gentle the photographer, getting shot is always painful. For one thing there’s that Cyclopean presence. Click, click, click. Pause. Click. I get ridiculously selfconscious—the total opposite of how I function the world. Then there are the results. Who is that chunky middle-aged women in the picture, anyway? She’s certainly not the image I have of myself, which is six feet tall, muscular, lean and about 35. (If you haven’t met me in person, hold on to that image, won't you?)

But I needed a current photograph for my website update (which is in the works and should be ready by September) and for when I need to send a printed or pixilated imaged of myself out in the world. Claudia Saimbert, a talented young photographer, came over to my loft one Sunday morning and took about 250 pictures. She said she’d have a CD for me later in the day.

"Give me only the best pictures," I said. Later that day Claudia dropped off a CD with 28 images. I take this to be a reflection not of the quality of her photography skills but of the photogenic quality of her sitter. Anyway, of those 28, I picked out a handful.

And out of the handful, I picked this one:

Standing in front of Quadrate 5, resisting the urge to say cheese


CMC said...

Ha Ha...well you're not the only one who wonders who that stranger is in the reflection as you pass by. Your description of what you think you look like could be a copy of mine. Although tall,not 6ft and definately getting chunkier as the years pass. Oh yeah, not the sparkling white pearlie teeth now either that they show in every ad on TV and magazines. I think I'll quit with the cheese myself.

Mary Klein said...

That's a nice photo, Joanne. I've been enjoying your blog for a couple of weeks without commenting. But it's so much easier now that there's a face to go with the posts!

Unknown said...

That's a great photo Joanne!

Nancy Natale said...

Your new photo shows you as the powerful, energetic woman you are, no matter your height, age or weight. You are looking the world in the eye and taking its measure. This looks like you! Your old website photo made you look like you had had a long, hard day in the studio. Here, you are in the gallery confidently showing your work. Congratulations to you and to your photographer for capturing your spirit!