The Geometry of Finance

A fellow named George has a money blog called Future Modern Finance. I found it because he posts on Ed Winkleman's blog, and Ed attracts a variety of interesting people with blogs, and opinions, that encompass not only art but politics and finance--you know, the other things that go on while we're in our studios.

This chart represent some of the splendid visuals I found at George's blog. I realize there's a financial narrative here (this one is a week of trading on Sotheby's stock), but I am just digging the beauty of the geometry.


lookinaroundbob said...

This is a great series of posts - with some concrete discussion of the paintings- refreshing - nice job

Joanne Mattera said...

Thanks, Bob.
As I painter, I try to approach the topic more in the way of a reporter than a critic, but of course opinion and reportage get intertwined. There's more coming up...