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Quirky (i.e. peculiar; slang: oddball)

Gesine Hackenberg, Kitchen Necklace, French soup plate, nylon thread, at Sienna Gallery, Lenox, Mass., at Bridge Art Fair


One of the things I love about browsing the art fairs is finding the oddball object. Typically they're at the smaller fairs--or in the smaller booths of the larger venues--whose close quarters reward you with nose-to-object intimacy. These are some of the oddballs I liked.

John Salvest's tower of soap at Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York City; at Pulse

Diem Chau's carved Crayolas at Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, San Francisco; at Red Dot


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Martha Marshall said...

Joanne, thank you for taking us places we'd otherwise be missing. Your reports always inspire me and make me smile.