Separated at Rebirth?

Remember Anita Bryant, the 70's pop singer-slash-orange juice huckster who turned out to be a raving homophobe and nearly wiped out the citrus industry as a result of the backlash? I've been reminded of her lately. Substitute mayor for singer, anti-choice for homophobe (well, keep the homophobe in there, too, eh), and country for citrus industry, add a few accessories and and guess what?




"I'll take a question from the press now."



Pamela Farrell said...

Don't forget former beauty queen (Former Miss Oklahoma, Miss America runner-up 1958)...can you add a tiara to the graphics?

Joanne Mattera said...

Beauty queen too? Hilarious. One big difference: Bryant was smart enough to not run for VP.

My Painting Studio said...

LOL! Clever observations Joanne.

Palin is as cute as a bug and almost as smart, eh?

Joanne Mattera said...

Don't insult the tarantulas.