All Kinds of Geometry and Abstraction in November

. Beatriz Milhazes and Tomma Abts
. Al Held and Lisa Hoke
. Stephen Westfall, Larry Zox, Kevin Wixted, Chris Gallagher
. Joanna Pousette-Dart and Ron Gorchov

Detail: Kevin Wixted

This is my last series of posts before I head off to Miami, and I’ll try to pack in as much as I can about the November shows in New York. The links above are live, so use this post as your home base and scroll down, or just click from above.

November was a glorious month for geometry and abstraction: Tomma Abts at David Zwirner, Chris Gallagher at McKenzie Fine Art, Ron Gorchov at Nicholas Robinson, Al Held at Paul Kasmin, Lisa Hoke at Elizabeth Harris, Beatriz Milhazes at James Cohan, Stephen Westfall at Lennon Weinberg, Kevin Wixted at Lohin Geduld, and a terrific smal painting by Larry Zox at Stephen Haller.

Some of these shows, like Gorchov's at Nicholas Robinson, run to early December; others, like Abt's and Westfall's, continue almost to the end; Held's at Paul Kasmin, continues into January.

I’ll keep my commentary short, but one way of giving you my take on these exhibitions is to post two or more shows at a time—each pair or group saying something about the work and my response to it.

Details: Al Held, above, and Beatriz Milhazes

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