Blogpix at Platform Project Space

After several months in the planning, blogpix opens tomorrow night, Thursday, March 5, in New York City at Platform Project Space . All the info is on the sidebar at right, and on the Platform website, including information about the artists (Steven Alexander, Sharon Butler, Christopher Davison, Reese Inman, Julie Karabenick and Ben LaRocco) ; the curators (Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof, Hrag Vartanian, and myself); the organizer, Olympia Lambert, and the gallery, Denise Bibro Fine Art, whose Platform Project Space is hosting the event.
So here, let me just show you a few artists' images:

Reese Inman, Remix III, 2009 (curator: Mattera); Christopher Davison, Black and White Sculpture, 2006 (curators: Fallon and Rosof)

Julie Karabenick, Composition 76, 2008; Steven Alexander, The Primrose Path, 2007 (curator: Mattera)

Ben La Rocco, Void, 2009 (curator: Vartanian); Sharon Butler, Siding 3, 2008 (curator: Mattera)

I made my curatorial choices based on the theme of the show, which is the blogosphere, cyberspace, and the whole concept of ones and zeros. Reese Inman creates algorithms that the computer uses to produce the dot matrix of her paintings. Julie Karabenick uses the computer to develop her perfectly calibrated geometric compositions (she's also the founder and editor of Geoform, an online curatorial project focuses on geometric abstraction). Steven Alexander and Sharon Butler have embraced blogging as part of their creative practice. While Steven's online Journal offers his thoughtful observations about painting --his own and others'--Sharon's Two Coats of Paint is a digest of reviews and articles on the topic from all over. I like that together they form a kind of yin and yang coverage.
And did I mention that I's completely in love with the painting of all four of these artists?
I'm curious to hear what drove the curatorial selections of my colleagues, and I'm eager to see more. I'll find out at the Thursday opening and the Saturday Blogpix panel discussion, and you can, too. If you're in New York City, getcher butt on down.
If you're not in the neighborhood, I'll be posting installation shots, people pics from the exhibition, and a report on the Saturday panel--so check back over the next few days.
And did I mention that I have work at the Bridge Fair, which is part of the fair week offerings in New York? I'll be at the opening on Thursday night after Blogpix, around 9:00 pm. Info about and links are also on the sidebar right. I'll have work with DM Contemporary (Booth 28). The fair runs through Sunday.


Oly said...

Joanne, you're so gonna have to hold me up by the end of the day Saturday!!!

Can you give me some of your ridiculous amount of energy?
Mucho obliged,
yours in pixels


YHBHS said...

this looks great!!

gonna link you from my site.

all the best joanne!

Anonymous said...


the show looks so interesting!

looking forward to seeing the work, listening to the panel discussion, and meeting you all.

leigh waldron-taylor

Joanne Mattera said...

I stopped in to see the installation today. It looks divine! Great job, Oly, Almitra and Denise!

See you all at the opening or at the panel.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm not in the neighborhood, I look forward to seeing and reading about it. Thanks for "bringing it" to us.