Batter Up

I'm not big on waffles, but I brake for grids, so this solo show by Martha Friedman at Wall Space Gallery on West 27th Street stopped me short. Called The Organization of Batter, it features gridded forms in cast paper (from actual waffle irons, I think) , cast rubber and carved marble. Aunt Jemima on steroids. Mmmm. Pass that conceptual syrup. The show is up through this Saturday, May 19.


Cast paper, individual work above, from the installation below (Sorry, I can't give you more about each work. I didn't take notes, and the gallery's website doesn't have info.)

The large works are cast rubber. I love how the grid emerges out of virtual nothingness. It's almost religious (and I say this as a waffle atheist).
The smaller, more fully dimensional forms are carved marble. Better shot below:

. .


Oriane said...

You know what they say - in the breakfast trenches, there is no such thing as a waffle atheist. Maybe a wafflagnostic.

lookinaroundbob said...

I can't decide if I like them or not- I keep going back and forth