Helen Miranda Wilson at Victoria Munroe


BOSTON: I am a fan of Helen Miranda Wilson's geometries. I've seen her oil-on-panel paintings at DC Moore in New York and at Albert Merola in Provincetown. Recently I saw her framed gouache-on-paper paintings at the Victoria Munroe Fine Art on Newbury Street in Boston, where her solo show ran May 14-June 20. The townhouse's two rooms provided an intimate viewing space for the small works.

The simplicity of the elements—blocks and stripes, and now spirally concentric circles and ovals—allow the viewer to concentrate on the color (beautiful, seemingly improvised), structure (repetitive, meditative), and the composition (mandala-like yet vertiginously active) in a way that melds the esthetic and the spiritual. Her show was called Halos.
Here, take a look:

The stairway to the gallery

The front gallery, with work over the mantel, below

Moving around the front gallery, we look through the hallway to the smaller back room. the work to the right in the doorway is shown below:
Castalia, 2008, app 21 x 18, framed

Top and bottom images taken from the Victoria Munroe Fine Art website


M said...

I love her choice of colors! They very striking. The colorful and playful design make a nice contrast against the white (and more austere) gallery setting. Very fun.

Stephanie Sachs said...

These are wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention. Went back to look at her work at DC Moore which were lovely.
Learning the context gave them an added joy.
Love that they were all small.
I could be happy in this world for a long time.

Very much appreciate what you do.

Kate Beck said...

Thanks for this post of Miranda's works on paper, in the lovely Victoria Munroe space -- very nice, Joanne


Peter Doughty said...

Very nice!