Never Land

OK, I know I said this blog would be a Michael Jackson-free zone, but two items have changed my mind. So just this once I'm breaking my own rule:

1. What MJ might have looked like if he hadn't had surgery, left (image via the Internet)

2. Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died. Author is "stubod2001." Link comes via Zack Peabody's post on FB. (Hitler is played by Bruno Ganz, one of my favorite actors.)

Tomorrow it's back to business as usual: Marketing Mondays.


Anonymous said...

Not cool Joanne. you broke your own rule about not posting on Michael Jackson and you even appear to be snooping around on the internet for Jackson fodder.

Your art commentary is so much better.


nic said...

did you see 1985 Ebony's year 2000 version of Michael? 2000

or the the one you posted juxtaposed with a 40-something Michael? 2009

my apologies as these are probably not appreciated, but as a child of the 80s i am all over this stuff...

nic said...

first link []
second link []

Joanne Mattera said...

Read my blog's disclaimer. You get what you get.

Rap Music said...

He looks better like that then with all the surgery done.