The L'eau Down: Paparazzi Pictures


Entering the gallery early in the evening. That's Nancy Manter's photograph in the window. Note the second-floor space in the gallery; the next shot is taken from there

Remember the scene in La Dolce Vita when Marcello Mastroianni, the jaded journalist, is cruising the Via Veneto for action and Paparazzo, the photographer, jumps into his convertible? Well, a multi-lingual noun was born.

I got to play paparazza at the opening of Slippery When Wet, shooting most of these pics at the beginning and the end of the three-hour evening, when the gallery was less crowded and I could take time out from conversation. Look out, Page 6! (Installation pics are here.)

Looking down from the second level, above, and from the spiral stairs, below

That's Metaphor's Julian Jackson standing in front of Andrew Mockler's banded canvas. Mockler is standing in front of Peter Schroth's paintings. Schroth, partially hidden, is standing between Jackson and Mockler

Sculptor Richard Bottwin standing in front of my paintings. I love the color coordination, though he assures me it was a coincidence

Below: Matthew Deleget, painter and Minus Space director, flanked by painter Karen Schifano and Richard Bottwin. Both artists are represented on the Minus Space site. (Related n
ews: Minus Space now has a bricks-and-mortar exhibition space in Brooklyn. Bottwin, who shows at Metaphor, is participating in the Dumbo Arts Festival this weekend. I just made a studio visit with Schifano and will be posting the story soon; stay tuned.)

The photogenic owner/directors of Metaphor: Rene Lynch and Julian Jackson. (Lynch has a show of her own opening at Jenkins Johnson next month; Jackson opens 2010 with a solo at Kathryn Markel.)

Jackson, center, is talking with painter Sonita Singwi, who has a studio in Brooklyn

Below: The handsome bearded gent in the very center of the photo is photographer Don Muchow

Painter Julie Gross talking with Laura and Steven Alexander, the painter

Below: Muchow, an artist named Charles, painter Kylie Heidenheimer chatting with Edward Shalala

(Related news: Heidenheimer has a show up at Gallery Thomas Jaekel ; I wrote about Shalala's work recently, here and here.)

Shooting the shooter

Kylie Heidenheimer, right, in conversation with painter Cecile Chong and her husband Ryan Behroozi

Below: painters Margaret Neill and Peter Schroth

Jackson, Alexander, Alexander, Gross
Below: Chong, Alexander, Alexander and me

Mary Judge and Julian Jackson with a soupcon of Julie Gross and Rene Lynch
Below: Art to represent the artists. Suzan Batu, left, was home in Turkey, and for some reason all the pictures I had of Susan Homer showed her obscured by someone else

The Man on the Bike, aka James Kalm and Loren Munk

Below: Night falls



Quilt Works said...

I love photos from galleries that show art as well as aritsts! Thank you for sharing! Makes me feel as if I was there!

Matthew Beall said...

It's a real treat to see these photos of both the work and artists that either made them or are admiring them. And now I know what James Kalm looks like!

Anonymous said...

I love these postings. Thanks, Joanne! Carolyn

kalm james said...

And a lovely time was had by all.

Elena De La Ville said...

Brava, la papparaza!. Good shots, good vibes. Thanks for posting! Wish I could have been there.

phoning in the concrete said...

Joanne looks good, smiling all.

Market Survey Companies said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

S.A. said...

Many good vibes --- Thanks Joanne.

Martha Marshall said...

Hah! Finally a picture of the guy on the bike. Enjoyed all the pictures and the show.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Thank you for a wonderful "stroll" around the gallery, via your photos. Very enjoyable.

Nancy Natale said...

Great photos, Joanne. Thanks for all your work in taking and posting them. Your work is lovely. I love the range of hues.

Kathleen said...

I was able to see this show when I was in NYC last weekend. It was the first time I've seen your paintings in person, Joanne, and they were fantastic. The Vicolo really vibrates and has the sense of light glinting off water. Wonderful show!