Fair and Fair Alike: Miami 2009. Art? Or Not Art?

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MIAMI—I won't begin the serious writing until I get home. I expect to start posting by Tuesday. But in the meantime I have a little quiz to get your eyeballs in shape. I'm calling it Art? Or Not Art?

The images are identified by number at the bottom of the post.






1. A weed growing against painted wall on N. Miami Avenue in the 20s
2. At NADA: Tony Matelli, Abandon, 2008, bronze and vinyl paint, at the Leo Koenig Gallery booth
3. At Aqua Art: Installation at Overthrow Gallery, Miami
4. At Art Basel Miami Beach: The cardboard recycling boxes
5. Flattened corrugated on N. Miami Avenue
6. At Art Basel Miami Beach: Ruben Ochoa at Suzanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles


CMC said...

ha critic, but I like the #1 and the #6 is interesting...the others :>/

Pamela Farrell said...

That was fun!

I'm with CMC...No. 1 does it for me.

Diana said...

Yup #1 & #6 have it for me also. #3 looks like work. Very fun, thanks.

Joanne Mattera said...

Well, #1 is my photograph, so I suppose it qualifies as art. I loved the lines of the weed, and its particular shade of green against the particular shade of the yellow wall. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I came upon Tony Matelli's painted bronze "weeds."

CMC said...

Absolutely, Joanne. When I first glanced I thought it was a painting.I love the way the color works as well as the design.

Nancy Natale said...

Tough decisions! Funny how the person painting the wall in #1 left an area around the weed that sort of frames it. Must have been a nature lover - or an artist.

Nancy Ewart said...

Painting, installation, conceptualism, minimalism --- art or not art? HA! Now that's opening a can of worms. I plead the fifth but I really like the first piece.

YHBHS said...

love this collection! everything can be art if its seen through creative eyes, willing to look at something in a different way, if even just for a moment. transformative moments are all around us, and waiting to be realized. these works make me remember roxy paine's weed garden. so beautiful to view that piece!

as always joanne, love your blog and your postings!

david john

Karen Schifano said...

Definitely fun! These are the kinds of things I look at as I walk to the bus or subway, too. Is it in the choice, and the way it's framed? The artist's eye/mind, whether as photographer or viewer must make the difference.

On another note, I've been admiring your writing, (and of course your insights) Joanne. Really a pleasure to read...

Barbara J Carter said...

Heh, not bad, I got 5 out of 6. That last one threw me, I'll admit.

ElsieGreen said...

All art, babes, it's in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Are there more Art or Not Art posts from the other fairs? Would you consider tagging them or organizing them somewhere all together- they are so great :)