Two Lavender Walls

. At Anthony Greaney Gallery, Boston: Daniel Ellis, inkjet on canvas, app. 10 x 12 feet

Two lavender walls, one in Boston, the other in San Francisco, are gorgeous from a distance and surprising up close.
On a quick trip into Boston I stopped into the Anthony Greaney Gallery in the 450 Harrison Avenue complex. The current show is a selection of work by gallery artists. Holding one wall: an inkjet-print-on-canvas triptych by Daniel Ellis. The color is a retinal jolt--electric minimalism, you might call it. Closer, you realize there's a pattern of letters. It is "Happy Birthday"? Aw, that's sweet. But no, there are C's and O's in the pattern. P. . . Y . . .H . . . O. . . Closer up you realize it's "Pyschopath." Don't get too comfy, the artist is warning us. It's a dangerous world out there even if the art looks inviting. I'm not sure I want to be reminded of what I already know, but the color is visually seductive.
Daniel Ellis, detail of Lavender Psychopath

Over on the other coast, there's another lavender wall, a color field inflected with red and blue. My friend, the New York-based artist Marietta Hoferer, has a wall at Hosfelt Gallery, in a show called "Wall Drawing" (through April 24). Hoferer, who is known for her white-on-white work, shared a few images of the installation, and I pulled another from Todd Hosfelt's blog. The surprise for me: She's working with color. And the surprise for you if you don't know her work: She does it with tape.

At Hosfelt Gllery, San Francisco: Installation view of Marietta Hoferer's wall
Below, a detail. It's wide blue painter's tape over a thinner red drafting tape. The lines are straight, but the eye sees all kinds of undulations in the finished work, which reads as a springlike hyacinth from a distance.
Images courtesy of the artist

Hoferer making the work. Image from Todd Hosfelt blog. There's more of the process on the blog, along with a great finished view--as well as work by the other artists in this show. If you're in the Bay Area, go see!

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