A Little Peek . . .

I'm giving you a little peek--or is it a pique?--of what's going on at the Marcia Wood Gallery. There are three exhibitions, and I'll post about them all next week when I'm back at my desktop computer with the good screen. For this post we're going to walk through the gallery and I'm going to leave you to hang out on the terrace, while the group heads off to the Atlanta Print Workshop and then meets with writer Jerry Cullum. Stay tuned.

Entering the Marcia Wood Gallery, where Timothy McDowell's solo exhibition, Kingdom Come, is in the front exhibition space.

Love this series of Tim's work on paper.
Peeking into the second gallery you see my Soie print.
Moving farther into the gallery you see Tim's print, Arcadian Troubles, and Don Pollack's Mysterious Island

Within the gallery there's Katherine Taylor's Parallax at left. I'll show you more in the next post--including, I hope, a panoramic view with prints by Kim Anno and Kate Javens--but for now, let's head through the doorway into the viewing room . . .

. . . where you see a large painting by Robert Sagerman and marble floor sculptures by Venske and Spanle. We're going to walk onto the terrace . . .

. . . I love the gauze that separates indoors from out . . .

And I'm going to leave you to hang out here while we're away. If it gets too hot--and, damn, it is hot down here today--just turn on the industrial fan to create some tropical breeze. (I'm standing right next to it as I shoot this photo.)


annell4 said...

Loved the peek! Thanks.

kim matthews said...

Wow-I always thought those Sagerman pieces were tiny. What a surprise.

Nancy Natale said...

What a great gallery! And I love the terrace. Thanks for showing us a little of the work. Hope you didn't overheat.