Don't Just Vote . . .

. . . Vote Democratic!
Support the inclusive and liberal candidates who will support you. You don't have to love them, but you do need to vote for them. The right-wing extremists are salivating at the thought of getting into Congress so that they can impose their dogmatic and repressive ideas on us. And artists, if you're thinking of not voting because you're unhappy with the status quo, consider this: It's hard enough to be included on anyone's agenda, but the Repugnicans consistently vote down any support for the arts. Make a difference with your Democratic vote. It's that important.

. Say no to creationist morons who believe the Constitution was handed to Moses.

. Say no to anti-choice candidates who have come to this position after having had access to abortions of their own.
. Say no to anti-gay zealots who may or may not be boffing their parishioners or staffers in an orgy of delusion, denial and self hate. (We don't want them on our team, anyway.)
. Say no to anti-immigrant fanatics whose grandparents or parents (or who themselves) came here with dreams of a better future--and who now demonize those who are just arriving as they try to close the door.

. Say no to the Teabaggers who push for English-only (even though they can't spell with it), believing that "if English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for you."
. Say no to the "anti-big-government" extremists who seek to impose fascist sanctions in the name of freedom 
. Say no to the people who promise no new taxes. The will cut what few benefits you do have in order to support their wealthy constituents. And you'll end up paying more for goods and services.

. And if you need more reasons, here are 90 of them, a list compiled by Robert P. Watson in The Political Agitator, which I found on Dana Roc's blog, Dana Delivered


Caroline Peña Bray said...

I couldn't agree more. As a Brit living in the US for just a few months I can't vote but I wish I could. I find the views of the Tea Party scary, shocking and unbelievably misguided, ignorant and ill-informed. It amazes me that the 'greatest country' in the world with one of the best education systems in the world and free, unlimited access to the internet and other educational resources (unlike, for example, China's heavily regulated internet access) can produce such an alarmingly backwards and well-supported political movement. So I'm with you in spirit and I wish you the very VERY best in getting the Democrats the support they need to keep the Tea Party at bay. All body parts crossed this end...

Colin said...

You need one of those FB “like” thingies. Because I LIKE this :-)

annell4 said...

Such a good post! I was just thinking it is where the media really lets us down. They only like to talk about the horse race, not really about who these characters are, and what it will be like if they are elected. Thanks for the post.

ArtSparker said...

Already did (just so you know you're getting a response). It is looking as if the Democrats will prevail in california's big races, which is reassuring from the point of view not only of the Democrats winning here, but from the conclusion that apparently wealthy businesspeople can't just march in and buy elections by throwing money around.

Interesting Times.

Lori Buff said...

Thank you for writing this, I fear how this election will turn out because the nation didn't become an instant paradise after Bush left office. Fixing some things take time.

KRCampbellArt said...

Thank you Joanne for speaking out. Too many are fearful to do so. I shared the u-tube as well.

Kesha Bruce said...

I voted 2 weeks ago alll the way from France in spite of the fact that the state of Indiana didn't mail my ballot. AGAIN.

p.s. I love that you said "boffing".

Sean said...

Joanne, I appreciate your blog and tend to agree with your political sentiments, but I don't think insulting people is a very good way to win the hearts and minds of the nation. It doesn't seem to be a very healthy outlook, so I hope that you can grow out of that tendency. When you turn the name of your opponents' political party into a clever insult (e.g. "Repugnicans") it just comes across as juvenile self-righteousness and kills any chance of meaningful exchange. It does an incredible disservice to your message.

Joanne Mattera said...


I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me, but I have to tell you: I am mighty pissed off at what's going on right now. I have no desire to be nice, make nice or think nice.

Outside groups, largely big-money corporations--financed the repugnicans, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling that allowed millions of dollars to flow into the coffers of candidates who believe, essentially, that the world is flat. Now, instead of building anything constructive with their little bit of power in the House, they;re going to tear down what Obama has worked for two hears to build up. Some meaningful exchange.

I have no intention of growing out of this "tendency." Indeed, the older I get, the less I give a shit about public opinion.

Can I get an Amen?

Nancy Natale said...

Amen! in a big way, Joanne. I'm just getting older and more crotchety and less willing to put up with nicey-nice B.S. Isn't that just the trouble? Here the Repugs launched all the lies and mis-truths they could dream up and the Dems just said, "Oh, please, sir, may I have some more?" Isn't that why they call our prez "Obambi?"

I hope this pukey result (with only OUR Northeast having some sense) will wake up the Dems so they can get back some of their fighting spirit instead of taking all the crap without strenuously objecting to the hypocrisy and lies being slung at them.

Thank you for speaking the truth!

Unknown said...

Joanne, Here's another AMEN for you!

Unknown said...

AMEN to Joanne. Now if we could just get a little more outrage and self promotion from our laid back president. He needs to get specific about what he has accomplished.