My Paintings in the Viewing Room at Heidi Cho


Silk Road 115, encaustic on panel, 12 x 12 inches

If you're making the rounds in Chelsea this evening, November 18, stop in and say Hi. Four small paintings of mine are installed in the Viewing Room at the Heidi Cho Gallery, 522 W. 23rd Street. The big exhibition in the front gallery is of work by Rex Lau and Diane Mayo. Enjoy it and then come and find me in the Viewing Room from 6:30-8:00.

If you'd like to know more about Silk Road, Liz Hager wrote a perceptive piece for her Venetian Red blog, Artists in Conversation: Joanne Mattera's Journey of Visual Pleasure. Here's an excerpt: "In these mostly 12 x 12 inch paintings the artist has deftly exploited the encaustic medium to opulent results. Yet appreciating this series solely on the basis of its tour-de-force technical achievement would be to miss the richer sphere that the work inhabits. . . Color on the scale of intimacy that Mattera achieves is a powerful experience."  
Click on the bolface title to access the story. Or come to the Heidi Cho Gallery on Thursday and I'll tell you all about the work myself.
If you're in the Boston area, my solo show, Travel with Me, is at Arden Gallery through November 29..


Stephanie Sachs said...

Perfect match. Congrats and Aloha to Marilyn.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Great meeting you at the gallery. The paintings are luminous.