One From the Hearth

Cold on the outside, warm on the inside: Looking into Kenise Barnes Fine Art

The premise of Baby, It's Cold Outsideup through February 25 at Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont, New York, is simple: to provide an intense feeling of warmth when you come in from the cold. This winter couldn't have been more obliging. Kenise Barnes gathered the work of six artists, each of whom has paintings in hues of red, orange and yellow, to create something of a visual hearth. I'm included in the show, so this is not a review but a walk-around-the-gallery report.  As you may have noticed from the Sideshow walkabout last week, I'm making use of a new picture format that allows me to post vertical images extra large.

Looking through the from window, you can see work my me, Chris Gallagher and Margaret Lanzetta. You know how I like to tour an exhibition with you, so let's begin

We're looking through the front window at four of my recent Silk Road  paintings, each encaustic on panel, 12x12 inches

Walking in through the front door now, you have a better view of work by Gallagher and Lanzetta

Closeups are below

Chris Gallagher, Tondo 6-10, oil on canvas, 36 inches in diameter

Two by Margaret Lanzetta: Last Two Million, oil and enamel on canvas, and Across the Black Water, oil and enamel on panel

Closer view of Across the Black Water below

Moving clockwise around the gallery we come to Sally Egbert's Perfumes, oil and mixed-media collage on canvas on the back wall. I love that hot spot right in the middle

Better view of Perfumes, below

Two vignettes by Cecile Chong and a vigorous abstraction by Yolanda Sanchez, both artists shown in closer view below

Above: Cecile Chong, Deer Friend, encaustic and mixed media on wood panel

Below: Yolanda Sanchez, Messenger, a hothouse palette in oil on canvas

Continuing down the wall, Sanchez and I hang side by side. That's my Ciel Rouge, encaustic on panel, which brings us back to where we started--but on the inside looking out
Is it warm in here or is it me?


Richard Bottwin said...

What a great show! Kenise runs a good gallery and is a real neat lady... Worth a metro north ticket up to Larchmont.

Nancy Natale said...

Excellent show! We need that hot color. White is getting to be a real bore.

Pinecone Stew said...

Great installation.

Harry Hilders said...

Somehow the
'Chris Gallagher, Tondo 6-10, oil on canvas, 36 inches in diameter' really appeals me, guess I like 'simple' styles :)