Jewel In the Crown

I just sent this final painting off to Atlanta, where my solo at the Marcia Wood Gallery opens on April 16. At 45 by 45 inches, it's the largest one I did for the show. It's also the most monochromatic. There's a lot going on underneath that blue skincolor, a lot of itbut you have to get up close to see it. And even up close, there's just a soupรงon of hue that shows through. Mostly I wanted  the diamonds to hold the field--those attenuated rhomboids cheek-by jowl within a square turned on its axis. Below is a detail, which lets you see how I allowed the surface to wrinkle and bulge within its delineated pattern. 

Romb, 2011, encaustic on panel, 45 x 45 inches
Detail below

More on this series herehere and here. And please visit the Marcia Wood Gallery website for additional images.

I'm also showing diamonds in a group exhibition called Conversations at the R&F Gallery in Kingston, New York—about 100 miles up the Hudson from Manhattan. It opens on April 2, and I'll take you on a tour of the show in an upcoming post. For now, I can tell you that I co-curated it with Laura Moriarty, the gallery director, and that we have invited painters and sculptors to show their work on paper along with work in their primary medium. We're interested in the dialog each artist's work has, and with the conversations that ensue between and among the exhibiting artists. There's a reason we included our own work, by the way: The exhibition began from an idea that developed while we were having a conversation on Facebook.


Susan Roux said...

Congrats and good luck on all your exhibits. This is an interesting piece.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Looks Great online, and I'm sure 100 times better and more luminous in the real.

Kingston is in a beautiful setting (I used to live near there and showed a sculpture in the 6th Kingston Biennial) go hiking in the mountains around there if you get the chance.

Congratulations and good luck on your shows.

annell4 said...

I really love this work! One of my favs!

Elaine Kehew said...

I am taken with this painting and all i can this of is Klein Blue (Yves Klein). The thing that grabs me is all the directional strokes on the diamonds. Just love it.

Unknown said...

All very nice. I especially love "Romb". Wish that I could see it in person.