Let it Rain

Pat Steir, detail of Winter Group 2: Yellow Gold and Red Gold, 2009-2011, oil on canvas

Well I'm as tired of this rain as the next person, but Pat Steir's recent paintings make me feel better about the weather. If  it's going to be this wet, I'd just just as soon revisit her droplets and rivulents, gushing surfaces and atmospheric mist from a nice, dry perspective. The work you see here is from Pat Steir: Winter Paintings at Cheim and Read in February.

Installation view, Winter Group 2: Yellow Gold and Red Gold and Winter Group 5: Dark Green, Red and Silver, both 2009-2011

Detail of Winter Group 5: Dark Green, Red and Silver

Installation view of Winter Group 3: Red, Green Blue and Gold, 2009-2011, oil on canvas

Winter Group 4: Green, Gold, Red and Blue, 2009-2011, oil on canvas

Detail below


Tina Mammoser said...

I'm not often moved by the reviews you post (though I like seeing/reading them), we just have different aesthetics I think. But WOW. Just wow. These are amazing. Now I need to know if she ever has work in London!

david weir art said...

Amazing work,uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Appreciate the photo's. BTW, I really enjoy your reviews - refreshing to read reviews from an artists perspective.


annell4 said...

Beautiful post! Thanks

Nancy Natale said...

So beautiful! They make me feel better about this unending rain. Thanks for posting. I love both the distance shots and close-ups. Wish I could have seen them in person.

graceann warn said...

These are stunning and do what I want art to do- push me to work! Thank you.

Oriane Stender said...


sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this terrific post, and for giving me a taste of NY since I haven't been able to get there and walk around for over 6 months!