An Early Summer Roundup

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been posting only on Mondays for the past several weeks, it’s because during that period I’ve been consumed with the annual encaustic painting conference I founded and run, now happily in co-production with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill on Cape Cod. Conference 5, held in its new home at the Provincetown Inn, was a huge, honking success. (Pause to smile and exhale.)  Some 250 conferees came from 38 states and five countries; there were 28 talks and demos, several panel discussions, a hotel fair at the Inn by and for the conferees, five gallery shows in town, half a dozen articles in local and regional publicatons, and five days of post-conference workshops at Castle Hill. (The tip of the Cape has pretty much become the Vatican of Wax. I'll have some links soon.)

Now I get back to my regularly scheduled life. Which brings me to the point of this post: While I am late with everything, I do have a lot to show you. Here’s a peek at what’s on the roster for the next few weeks, not necessarily in this order:

Louise Bourgeois, The Fabric Works, at Cheim & Read, Chelsea, through June 25

Lynda Benglis at the New Museum, Lower East Side, over today

Four Sculptors at Lesley Heller Workspace: Benglis, Castoro, Rydingsvard, Winsor, through June 25

Jasper Johns at Matthew Marks, Chelsea, through July 1

Don Voisine at  McKenzie Fine Art, Chelsea, has ended

Stephen Westfall at Lennon Weinberg, Chelsea, has ended--but the wall painting, visible above, remains up for Ghost in the Machine, curated by Westfall, which opens June 23 and runs through August 19

Frank Badur, Mostly Red, at Thatcher Projects, Chelsea, through June 25

Structured Color at D. Wigmore Fire Art, Fifth near 57th Street, has ended--but Pioneers of American Abstraction is up now

Susan Still Scott at Heskin Gallery, upper Chelsea, has ended

Wall Paintings at The Painting Center, curated by Stephen Maine, has ended

Lisa Hoke at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, Chelsea, has ended

What else is on my summer platter? I will get back to Provincetown for some non-conference R&R, spend time in the studio making work on paper (you know I'll show it to you) and maybe even drive up to Montreal, stopping in Hudson along the way.

Stay tuned .


kim matthews said...

Thank you! Nice to see Jackie Winsor again-and with Lynda Benglis, no less.

Nancy Natale said...

These photos are so beautiful! I wish I had seen all of these shows. I'm looking forward to more photos from each of them - I hope!

harold hollingsworth said...

what a string of wonderful shows, and the Johns show, wow, love his grey works so much, perhaps living here in Seattle plays a role, or having worked with the Barney Ebsworth Collection a few years back, who knows, but all those shows look inspiring!