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Updated 11.21.11

It's time for my annual  Miami Fundraiser. As I have done for the past five years, I'll be reporting on all the fairs, from the international behemoth at the Convention Center in Miami Beach, Art Basel Miami, to the smallest, Aqua Art, a gem of a venue down Collins Avenue, to all the fairs across the bay in Miami proper. Each year's posts number 20 or more, with venue-by-venue reporting, along with some local color and an irreverent roundup.

Your financial support will help me pay for the hotel, the flight, travel surcharges, taxis to and from the airports; taxis back and forth across the causeway (because waiting for those free shuttles can cost hours of viewing time); food and non-alcoholic beverages (really, just food; I don't drink); and incidentals. I'll be there for five days. And when I get back, there's two solid weeks of editing pics, Photoshopping images, writing and posting, venue by venue, right through Hanukkah and up through Christmas. So I'm not doing any income-producing work the entire month of December.

This is not send-me-money-and-get-nothing-in-return request. I offer the most comprehensive coverage of the Miami art fairs. Like NPR, it's freely accessible, but somebody has to pay for it. Until last year, it was me. Then you, the good readers of this blog, stepped in and helped underwrite the trip.

If you have enjoyed my posts in the past, your donation of $20 will help me cover the fairs again this year. The PayPal Donate button is at right. And if you've been reading and haven't contributed to my fund before, please take a moment to be a benefactor. Of course, it doesn't have to be $20. It could be less. Or more.

To tempt you to contribute more: Donate $100 and select a unique digital print from my Silk Trail series. I initially selected and posted 36 prints; eight remain as of November 1. Each print is 11 x 8.5 inches, printed on archival Epson paper with a combination or archival and office inks. These are all from 2010, made intermittently when the office printer was running low on ink. (I talk a bit about them and the process here.)  Using PayPal, link on sidebar opposite, allows you to write me a message; use it to indicate the print you'd like and a second choice--I'll send them out in the order in which I receive the donations--and, this is important, include your mailing address. I'll cover postage, sending out each print in a sturdy cardboard mailing envelope. 

This is a limited offer (with the blessing of the galleries that sell these prints from their flat files for a higher price). Scroll down for a look at your choices. The images below are small-version scans of the actual prints; they exist for my archive of the ongoing series. Click them individually to see them slightly larger.
 Above:  Silk Trail 5 
 Above:  Silk Trail 63  
 Above:  Silk Trail 146 
 Above:  Silk Trail 173 
 Above:  Silk Trail 197 

Questions? Post them in the Comments section below.

Thank you in advance for sending me to Miami.

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Julie Takacs said...

This post was so typographically pleasing!!!! Love the effect!

Joanne Mattera said...

Number 135 has been claimed by an e-mail donation. Thanks, A.

lxv said...

They look s-o-o-o silky! Beautiful

Hylla Evans said...

Is 166 taken?

Joanne Mattera said...

I have marked "Claimed" for you next to #166.

smellofpaint said...

Hi, Joanne! Are they unique? or what is the edition?

Joanne Mattera said...

They are unique digital prints, marked 1/1.