Critical Mass., Part 5: Strand at Boston Sculptors

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Installation view at Boston Sculptors: Michelle Lougee;  Laura Evans, Drawn Up; Marilu Swett

BOSTON--Over at Boston Sculptors at 486 Harrison Avenue—two buildings away from the complex that houses Carroll and Sons, Galatea Fine Art, Anthony Greaney, Samson Projects, Kingston Gallery and Steven Zevitas, among other galleries—the show Strand was up (through August 14).  I’d assumed the theme had something to do with the beach, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the concept focused not on sand or water but on thread, string and strips, and of the structures made from them. These are not materials you typically think of when you think of sculpture, and Strand was not a “fiber show,” so it was an interesting intersection of content and intent.

Now for the bad news: The gallery website has nothing on the show except for a press release, so you can't visit in online and I couldn't go back to find information about the artists for whom I didn't make notes—but if you click onto the names of the invididual artists, you will find some other images of their work.

Here are a few installation shots.

View of the front gallery as you walk in

On pedestal at left in the previous photo:  Sarah Hutt, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, 2011, cheesecloth, beeswax, paper, glass

In the second gallery (a view of which opened this post), from left:
Michelle Lougee, Polyvertebrate, 2011, crocheted plastic bags (the more I look at it, the more I think it was my favorite, but I don't have a good image of it and the website doesn't show it); Donna Dodson, Untitled, fabric, shellac, wood; barely visible, but shown in opener and in detail below: Marilu Swett. Plain Woven, 2011, cast, dyed urethane rubber

Detail of Swett's Plain Woven
At the Galerie Renate Bender booth at Art Miami this past December, Regine Schumann created a multicolor cloth knitted out of plastic tubing, black lit so as to virually pop out of its darkened space. This woven grid is more formal and contemplative—I like it—but show me one more black-lit macro textile and we’ll have a trend

B. Amore, Mirror Mondi, 1997, photo on silk, silk bundles, mirror fabric

Leslie Wilcox, Bellows, 2009, screen, staples


kim matthews said...

The Lougee may be my fave too. Thanks for this post and for noting the way they framed the show in terms of technique versus media--very smart, and appreciated.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Great post Joanne! Thank you.

Donna Dodson said...

Thanks for taking such a careful look at the show Joanne. My piece was titled, Crow [stranded] by the way.