A Million Hits!

This is what a million hits looks like.

Actually 1, 0004, 256  as of August 31, a few days ago. I started tracking readership at the end of August 2007, so this graph represents four years worth of visitors. Some of them are you. (Those two big blobs represent increased readership during the Miami art fairs in 2009 and 2010, and the faint line that runs between them and over to the right edge of the graph represents the readership for Marketing Mondays.)  Thanks for reading.

And since I'm talking blogs, a thank you to George Hofmann, whose article in the online magazine Artcritical, "Artists who write write for a purpose" mentioned the JMAB. He wrote:  "What sets apart the artist’s blogs is their earnestness and faith. Critics analyze and dissect, but do they write from the heart, as artists do? Artists may wish to promote themselves, but in writing they are usually working, and thinking."


Toby Sisson said...

Congratulations Joanne, your blog is a generous gift to artists everywhere.

Astrid Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations! You deserve every hit. Your blog on art, the business of art and other subjects - some serious, some funny - is enjoyable, educational and makes me want to keep on being an artist, even though it's not easy.

Elena De La Ville said...

Yay!.. That is quite the accomplishment, my dear!
You have something to say and we are all listening! >;)

pam farrell said...

woooo hoooo!!!!!! congrats!

if you drank, i'd say it's time to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate

Nancy Natale said...

Congratulations, Joanne! That's a helluva lot of hits. How many words do you think you've written since 2007? The number is probably right up there near a million. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and observations with your readers. Your blog is a necessity for so many of us. To a million more hits!

Joanne Mattera said...

Thank you, everyone.

Nancy: Good question about the number of words. There have been 671 posts. Some are as short as this, about 100 words; others are well over 1000. I'd say that at the most there are about half a million words.

The bigger question is: How many pictures. I'd have to say thousands.

Damn, I could have take one big-ass vacation with the time I've spend on this blog.

Fox-Hearne said...

One more "thank you" for your devotion to the blog. Wherever do you find the time to paint those marvelous encaustics? I know many have learned so much from your wisdom and experience. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Although there is not doubt that you contribute a great deal to contemporary art discourse, it is not as though it is entirely altruistic.

You should benefit from your efforts and thankfully you do, but your vacation comment is a question of personal decisions - this blog isn't keeping you from going on vacations. Ed Winkleman just took some time off from hsi blog, so I don't think anyone would give you too much trouble if you chose to do the same thing! Afterall, you should only continue this blog if you can balance what it means to you with what it means to others.

Joanne Mattera said...

Anon 1:23,
You are talking to a Type A personality (or perhaps an AA personality, Artoholics Anonymous). Taking a vacation is easier said than done. but I AM thinking about Italy in April.

Diane McGregor said...

I'm a little late on catching up with this, Joanne -- Congratulations! Now if only everyone would pay up their $20 a year, you'd be well paid for your time (which you deserve to be). I've said it before: your blog is better than ANY art magazine out there! Thanks for all that you do!

Joanne Mattera said...

Thank you for your kind words and your generous donation. Considering that a movie is now close to $15, I think $20 is quite reasonable for a year's worth of reporting. People have been donating, and I'm appreciative. (And you notice that I have taken the quietly persistent path by keeping "Send Me to Miami" on the sidebar, just above the Donate link.)