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At Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy, ABMB: Mona Hatoum, Conversation Piece

"'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the Spider to the Fly.

The first web I saw was Mona Hatoum’s, crystalline and glistening, suspended from brocade-upholstered Queen Anne chairs at Art Basel Miami Beach. I gasped, so contemplative was it set amid the bustle of the fair. So unexpected. Then I saw another of hers, a bed whose springs had been configured into a web, making a shadow on the floor. In short order I saw a Louise Bourgeois spider and a Jim Hodges web attached high in a corner, a big floppy web by Carlos Amorales, and several webby nets made by the aptly named (at least for English) Ernesto Neto.  
At White Cube, London, ABMB: Mona Hatoum, Webbed III
Detail below

I kept walking and looking. And the more I looked, the more I found. The interesting thing is that most of these webs—and by extension, nets and interlacements—are not necessarily fiber. Hatoum, for instance, used chairs, wire and glass beads for one; steel, rubber and wood for another. There are also webs and nets made of hot glue, bronze or  pipe cleaners. The webs are drawn, printed and photographed. And, yes, some are woven.

This post spun out from what I saw:

At Yvon Lambert, Paris, ABMB: Carlos Amorales, Transformable Spider Web, aluminum tubing and black rubber paint

At Robert Miller, New York, ABMB: Louise Bourgeois, Spider, bronze

At CRG Galery, New York, ABMB: Jim Hodges, Untitled, copper chain
Detail below

At William Baczek, Northampton, Mass., Aqua: Nanny Vonnegut, hand-colored monoprints, above and below

At Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires, ABMB: Eduardo Basualdo

At Kudlek Vander Grinten, Cologne, Pulse: Lucie Beppler drawing
Detail below 

At Adler & Conkwright, New York, ABMB: Francois Morellet wire and wood construction, above and below

At Thatcher Propjects, New York, Pulse: Adam Fowler paper construction

At ABMB, artist and gallery lost to my notes, but too good to not post

At David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, Pulse: Hong Seon Jang,  Black Mirage, hot glue on fishing line
Detail below

At Dan Galerie, Sao Paolo, ABMB: Leon Ferrari

At Kimmerich Gallery, New York, Art Positions section of ABMB:  Alexandra Bircken knitted construction

At Spanierman Modern, Art Miami: Ibram Lassaw, Loom III, bronze (?)

At Diana Lowenstein, Miami, Pulse: Caroline Lathan-Steifel, Cohosh, pipe cleaners
Detail below

At Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, ABMB: El Anatsui hanging sculpture, too big to be photographed in one shot

At Andrew Kreps, New York, ABMB: Roe Etheridge, work appears to be a photograph of knotted net

At Tanya Bonakdar, New York, ABMB: Ernesto Neto sculpture of knotted line over shaped wood
Detail below

At Galeria Fortes Vilaca, Sao Paolo, ABMB: Neto again, with crocheted net pinned to the wall

At Now Contemporary Art, Art Miami: Carolina Ponte crocheted sculpture

At FTC, Berlin, Pulse: Beat Zoderer metal sculpture

At Alida Andersen Art Projects, Washington, D.C., Aqua: Erwin Timmers glass sculpture

At Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles, Pulse: Margie Livingston acrylic sculpture

At Sperone Westwater, New York, ABMB: Emil Lukas thread paintings, below, with detail above

At Bridgette Mayer, Philadelphia, Art Miami: Paul Oberst Cermonial Blanket, steel wire sculpture
Detail below

At D'Amelio Terras, New York, ABMB: Cornelia Parker, nets made from wire drawn from the lead of a bullet
Detail above; view of three works below

At ABMB (gallery unidentified): Daniel Sinsel, Untitled, linen casein and hazelnut shells
Detail above, full view below, app 30 x 20 inches

At ABMB, either Standard, Oslo, or Paula Cooper, New York: Tauba Auerbach, Corner V, woven cotton tape
Detail below

At Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, NADA: Hugh Scott-Douglas slit-fabric painting
Detail below

At Nye+Brown, Los Angeles NADA: Brian Wills, Untitled (Open Cross), oil and thread on panel
Detail below

At Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, Pulse: Xylor Jane watercolor weave

At Lausberg Contemporary, Dusseldorf and Toronto, Art MIami: Dani Marti bungee cord weaving
Detail below

At Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, ABMB: Orly Genger knitted scupture

At Cain Schulte Gallery, San Francisco, Aqua: Gyongy Laky, Simple Conversation, telephone wire, 13" diameter

At Sikkema Jenkins, New York, ABMB: Sheila Hicks, wrapped linen sculpture
Detail below

At Valenzuela Klenner Galerie, Bogota, Art Nova section of ABMB: Liliana Angulo photograph
Installation view below

Next up: A twist on Ingres and then a walk through the Convention Center

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jdamora said...

What a great tour. Thanks for all this work, Joanne!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic post!

Nancy Natale said...

Unbelievably fabulous! Wow, thanks for gathering and posting all these wonderful images. I love them! What a great presentation you made to begin with the spiderwebs and go from there with all the various manifestations.

Darel said...

genius artwork, i like it so much! :) thanks for sharing. :)

Tamar said...

Phenomenal! Thank you Joanne. What a terrific gathering of work. Nancy--you expressed my thoughts exactly. I'm going to savor this post. . . . .

Nancy Natale said...

And I forgot to mention my fave Anatsui. How great to see him in this presentation.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Great pictures!
Thank you.

Kesha Bruce said...



I am so enjoying your photos Joanne.

Anonymous said...

The piece "Untitled (Open Cross)" is by Brian Wills, not Brian White, and I believe he's represented by Nyehaus.

Joanne Mattera said...

Right you are, Anon. Thanks for the info. I have corrected the caption. (This is what I love about the interactivity of blogs.)

Stephanie Clayton said...

I'm amazed...The texture and! One could look at these images for hours.
I wasn't able to attend the Miami fairs this year, so I'll relish your photos.

Anonymous said...

Now it's my mistake-Brian Wills is actually at Nye+Brown in Los Angeles...Sorry.

Anonymous said...

wow !!! so weird how we covered the same ground but I literally only noticed 1/4 of these - I guess what you see really does depend of what you're looking for at that moment. that happens to me every year - from everyone's photos, you'd think we had all attended different fairs !!! it was nice to see you as always, and great posts by the way ;-)

Anonymous said...

( and Anon: I believe Nyehaus is the Nye end of Nye+Brown , so they're very closely related )

Joanne Mattera said...

Change made(again). Thanks Zack and Anon.

K. R. said...

The Andrew Kreps piece is a Roe Etheridge.

Joanne Mattera said...

Thanks, K.R.
Information added.

Christine Aaron said...

Thanks Joanne. LOVE that you are grouping/showing trends first. Always a fan of Anatsui, drawn to the delicacy of Nancy Vonnegut's hand colored monoprints...and enjoyed Lowenstein's pipe cleaner piece.
When I was at the International Print Center a couple of months ago I noticed a LOT of threads, sewing, stitching, weaving, emphasis on craft...on the works on paper in that exhibition. Wonder how these "trends' happen.?