Wondering Why I Haven't Posted This Week?

Updated 5.27.12

I'm in the home stretch for the International Encaustic Conference, which I founded and now run in Provincetown with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. The Outer Cape, with its fabled light, has lured many artists over the past century--Hoffman, Hopper, Frankenthaler, Motherwell and Tworkov, to name a few--and continues to attract many contemporary artists who live and work there, as well as others who show regularly at the galleries in town. There's also a surprising number of plein air painters who dot the dunes from early morning to the last rays of the setting sun. (Provincetown curls in on itself, so the sun both rises over and sets into the water.)

It's the ideal setting for 11 days of all things wax. Even the moon is waxing! In addition to next week end's Provincetown conference, there 12 galleries in town showing work in wax or encaustic (look for the wax ball logo in the window), and workshops before and after in Truro. Oh, and I'm curating a show while I'm there: Improbable Topographies at the Rice Polak Gallery. Here's a sneak peek, below, and a link to the exhibitions page here on the blog.

Curator's essay. Click to enlarge

So my postings will be sporadic through mid June. Marketing Mondays will continue, however. And when I get back I'll spend the summer posting about what I saw in New York City, New England--and Provincetown--all spring.

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Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for posting your curator's essay for Improbable Topographies, Joanne. I am so looking forward to seeing that show all together and seeing how the works relate to one another. Of course the list of shows in Provincetown that feature works in encaustic in conjunction with The Encaustic Conference is just spectacular. It will be a very waxy couple of weeks and I can't wait for it all to begin!