Color: Field and Form, Part 3

.Rolling in the Deep
Kenise Barnes Fine Art, May 19  - July 21
Through the window: Hey those are my paintings!
You didn't think I would leave my show out of this series? Actually, it's not my how. It's a four-artist exhibition--with Christine Aaron, Cecile Chong, Lorraine Glessner and myself--at Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont, a quick Metro North ride out of Manhattan. Barnes wanted to mount a show of contemporary encaustic painting with the artists she represents. While the four of us work differently, and to different result, Barnes focused on the quality of depth--in hue, layer, visual narrative and image--as handled by myself, Glessner, Chong and Aaron, respectively, even adopting Adele's Grammy hit, Rolling in the Deep, for our title.

Since I already wrote about the work in a preview in May before the show opened, here let me take you on a walk-through. We start by looking through the window, above, and  walk clockwise around the gallery.
Joanne Mattera, Coming Up For Air, 2012, encaustic on panel, 24 x 60 inches.

Inside, on the left wall,  Barnes played my saturated geometry against Lorraine Glessner's baroque weave of culture and time
Above: From the window with my  Coming Up for Air, Uttar 234 and Uttar 230

Below: Three by Lorraine Glessner, including Burn Baby Burn, Angels Without Wings and, on back wall, Secret
Lorraine Glessner, Burn Baby Burn, 2012, encaustic, horse and human hair,  mixed media on  silk on panel, 48 x 48 x 1.5 inches
The right side of the gallery, looking in through the front window

Inside, from window: Paintings by Cecile Chong and Christine Aaron. Here Chong's complex cultural narrative of displacement and alientation and Aaron's richly dense woods pull us deep into their respective paintings

 Cecile Chong, Eastern Time, 2010, encaustic, 48 x 48 inches
Continuing along the wall: Paintings by Christine Aaron
Below: Aaron's  Forest Muse I, encaustic on patinated copper, 24 x 24 inches

Read the Huffington Post review by D. Dominick Lombardi here.
Read the PDF catalog here, the gallery's press release here.
Rolling in the Deep is up through tomorrow. For more color, Super Saturated: Pigment and Pattern, also curated by Kenise Barnes, is at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York, through August 19.
I previewed it here. You can access a PDF Catalog here.

Next week: Charline Von Heyl at the ICA/Boston


annell4 said...

Another great post! Your work is delightful! Beautiful! Thanks again.

bonny leibowitz said...

Wonderful post, great to see the work together here if I can't get there in person! And so looking forward to your post on Charline Von Heyl . I have enjoyed her work for some time and saw the show while in Boston, loved it!

kenise said...

Thank you for your wonderful post, Joanne. it is always a pleasure working with you and living with your work. I will be sincerely sad to de-install this exhibition but will have many of the paintings re-hung in our projects area for the remainder of the summer.

Nancy Natale said...

This was a beautiful show by four artists who use the medium to express their uniquely personal visions and approaches. Thanks so much for posting this walk through, Joanne, and thanks to the artists for creating such distinct versions of beauty. Kenise Barnes' also deserves kudos for bringing the four or you together.

Anonymous said...

I received the announcement for this show about a week before your post and was really sad I wouldn't be in the area to see it "in person". I am a huge fan of Lorraine Glessner and your work. Getting to see the other artists and the install shots were a HUGE treat.
Much luck!