Color: Field and Form, Part 5

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Part 2: Estrada-Vega, Johnston, Korman, Gimblett
Part 4: Von Heyl

Guy Goodwin, Recent Works
Brennan & Griffin, March 4 - April 8
Detail of 2-2-3-3- Interior
I don’t know about you, but a cartoony puffy quilt is not what I expect from a painting. Indeed, the curved-upward edges and the pillowy forms of Guy Goodwin’s paintings suggest nothing so much as a comfy place to curl up—visually at least, since these works are on the wall. Yet that cushy softness comes not from upholstery but from layers of corrugated cardboard stapled together.
Formally Goodwin’s paintings consist of shapes that appear to have been cut from the surface and reattached to it. At first glance they suggest giant Fisher Price letters. Chromatically, the works are luscious, with the intensity and velvety richness of gouache. Technically they’re, well, rather crude.
I love them!
Everything about this show was a surprise for me: the gallery, which I’d not known about; the 71-year-old artist, whom I’d not known about; the paintings which are different from anything else I’ve seen.  Call me an art junkie, but I live for an experience like this.
Panorama of the gallery's right wall, to give you a sense of space and scale
One of the collages from the wall above:
Community-D, 2011, acrylic and tempera on laminated cardboard,
22 x 29 inches (framed)
From the gallery website
2-2-3-3 Interior, 2011; acrylic, tempera on laminated cardboard, 77 x 87 x 7 inches
Side view below

On the opposite wall
2-3-3-4 Interior, 2011; acrylic, tempera on laminated cardboard, 67 x 75 x 6 inches
Corner detail below
Tania's Day, 2012; acrylic, tempera on laminated cardboard, 75.5 x 70.25 x 8 inches
Upper left detail below
Below: Detail showing the laminated and stapled layers of cardboard
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Ben Stansfield said...


ken said...

Sorry I didn't see that show, Goodwin's paintings look great here. Thanks, Joanne.

Ravenna Taylor said...

These are kind of earthshaking to me! Thank you.

Lisa Call said...

These remind me of Pez candy in some ways.

Wonderful work - thanks for sharing.

Kim Matthews said...

Although they're dimensional works and quote different, there's something about these shapes that evokes Conrad Marca-Relli's paintings. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Natale said...

As a big fan of cardboard myself, I appreciate seeing the medium used by all fellow fans. When you combine it with all that strong color, it takes on a new life. The side views are fab, Joanne.

Paul Behnke said...

Before I got a copy of High Times Hard Times (the book of the David Reed curated show) I was only familiar with Goodwin's 1974 painting, C-Swing.
These new works quietly, and almost elegantly, stretch the boundaries of painting in a subtle and confident way.

Marilyn Banner said...

"Technically they’re, well, rather crude.
I love them!"

Joanne, Thanks for sharing these vibrant "soft" painted constructions, showing the technique in the side view, and especially for the comments above, placed as they are. Somehow heartwarming!

Frank hyder said...

This is a real artist he approaches the painting as if it is a fresh entity ,he then paints the simplest of shapes. Original alive and one of a kind. What a treat to see that there still are real artist not just products of the art world. The spirit of a poet the curiosity of a child and the pleasure ....oh the pleasure