Suzan Frecon: "Paper" at David Zwirner

Orange and Purple Composition,  2011, watercolor on Indian ledger paper
There's something appealing about seeing small work in a large space. The individual pieces are dwarfed, requiring you to move in close. Intimacy in a large space seems like an oxymoron, but Suzan Frecon's watercolors--reductive compositions on Indian ledger paper--simultaneously assert themselves while letting you in. 
The last time I wrote about Frecon's work, she was showing large paintings. Her reductive swipes and near monochrome palette are familiar, but these watercolor-on-paper works feel more contemplative. The gallery radiates a beauteous calm.
Suzan Frecon: Paper is up through March 23 at David Zwirner, 525 W. 19 St.

View into the main gallery with Orange and Purple Composition second from left
 Below: Dark Red with Vermillion, 2010, watercolor on Indian ledger paper, at far right in photo above 


View looking back toward gallery entrance
 Orange b, 2012, water on Indian ledger paper, shown at right on center wall

Small gallery off the entrance. The painting on the far wall is shown below

Cathedral Series,  Variation 10. 2012
This is one of three small paintings in the exhibition, oil on wood panel. I'm pretty sure the paint is mineral pigment suspended in oil, which gives the surface an almost enamel hardness and gloss
Below: Painting Plan Drawing for a Large Painting, 2004


vc said...

What a knockout show. It grabbed me from across the street. in the gallery, at least once, an area of "blank" paper read as a painted shape. that is to say, it sang with pressure and intentionality. who says figure/ground is elementary. thanks for these pictures.

Joanne Mattera said...

"Sang with pressure and intentionality." Love that!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Beautiful post.

annell4 said...

Wish I could have seen this show! Looks wonderful!

France Gallery said...

I enjoy seeing the shows that you have posted!

Sho said...

Always exciting again to see Suzan Frecons beautiful work.
Thanks for the post.