Real-life Marketing Mondays


From an installation by Kristin Texeira. Photo: Stacey Piwinski

As you travel through the art world, you never know whom you'll influence or be influenced by. With teaching there's always the likelihood that what you offer will be taken to heart. So it is the case with Kristin Texeira, a young artist who was my student in Senior Seminar at Massachusetts College of Art a few years ago.

Now living in Brooklyn, Texiera returned to Massachusetts with Memory Lane, an installation of 400 5 x 3.5-inch paintings on paper at Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham, Mass., in which she recalls "everyone I can remember interacting with during my four years at MassArt" each with a small written memory. Can you see what she wrote about me? "Taught us how to be artists in the real world." This is real-life Marketing Mondays. And I can see she's learned those lessons well. Congratulations, Kristin!

 The show is up through August 3.

Special thanks to Stacey Piwinski for posting the photos on Facebook, from which I have shamelessly taken them and reposted them here


Stacey Piwinski said...

Glad to help out! Teachers should be reminded of the positive influences that they have on their students

Ian MacLeod said...

Fantastic work - and I love her salute to you.

fanne fernow said...

I was "deeply touched" by this posting. Part of it was the art, which I think must be terrific. Part of it was the honoring of a teacher. And much of it was your (Joanne's) reaction to this very simple tribute. Very nice in every way.