Chromatic Geometries is up through

September 30 at Arden Gallery, Boston
View from the street
Chromatic Geometries, up through the end of the month, is my seventh solo show with Arden Gallery in Boston.

I've been involved with the diamond shape for a couple years. In this new body of work--a continuation of the Diamond Life series I've been working on plus a new series, Chromatic Geometry, which has given the show its title--I started by fracturing the diamond into a planar crystalline structure and improvising from there. You can see images here, directions here.

I'm pleased to share two excellent reviews about the show.

. In the current issue of Artscope, a New England-based art magazine, Elizabeth Michelman writes, "Her game is formal as she determines what kinds of color relationships to set in motion and how to balance or destabilize them from within the geometrical structures that hold them."
. In Two Coats of Paint, Sharon Butler's widely read blog, Butler writes, "As usual, Mattera demonstrates tremendous mastery over her materials and a seductive approach to color, while introducing some quirky compositional strategies. Although she usually discusses her work in terms of formal exploration, the timeless fascination of the figure-ground reversal that points to our shifting notions of meaning and perception is compelling on a metaphorical level as well."

Above: Click here for the full Two Coats of Paint review, which Painter's Table excerpted
Below: Artscope magazine. Click pic to bring up the page to readable size


annell4 said...

Your post is beautiful! Thanks so much. I would love to read the review, but too small.

Joanne Mattera said...

Thanks for the kind words.
Maybe it's different with a Mac, Annell, but on a PC if you click on the image, it will enlarge.

Peter haken said...

Lovely post thanks for sharing. I am on a mac and yes will go larger if you click n it!