Summer Invitational at Elizabeth Harris

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A packed house

Summer is a great time to see expansive shows with broad-ranging themes. Galleries often invite artists from outside their roster, and the openings are typically big, loud, and jam-packed with friends and colleagues. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post views of several summer exhibitions in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I've already shown you To Leo, A Tribute From American Abstract Artists  at Sideshow in Williamsburg. I consider that a walk-through, as I'm in the show, and that's the case with the Summer Invitational at Elizabeth Harris Gallery in Chelsea. Take a look.

Color, geometry, skewed or layered planes, and often a material sensibility unite the work of five artists: Rick Klauber, Paul Mogensen, Gary Petersen, Sarah Walker, and myself. Here's a tour of the front gallery in three shots
Four paintings by Gary Petersen . . .

. . . leading to six small paintings by Sarah Walker (five of which are visible here) . . .

. . . leading to four of my paintings
Specifics follow, as well as a tour of the second gallery

Gary Petersen, Day Tripper, 2014, acrylic and oil on canvas

Sarah Walker, Keystone, 2008, acrylic on panel

Below: Prospect and Refuge, 2008, acrylic on panel

Sarah Walker, Offset Transition, 2008, acrylic on panel, shown above and below left

Foreground: Superself II, 2008, acrylic on panel, shown below in full-on view

Continuing around the gallery: my Chromatic Geometry 13, left; three on the far wall shown in closeup below . . . 

Chromatic Geometry  7, 2013, encaustic on panel

Chromatic Geometry 18, 2013

Chromatic Geometry 21, 2014

We return to the wall with Gary Petersen's work . . .

. . . and Nothing Else To Do, 2014, acrylic, ink and oil on masonite, shown at far left . . .

. . . which leads us to the back gallery and work by Paul Mogensen, above left, and below

Paul Mogensen, No Title, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas

Paul Mogensen,  No Title, 2014, oil on panel

Far wall: Rick Klauber, Western Swing, 2014, acrylic on cedar shims

Far wall and below: Regular Laugh Riot, 2014, acrylic on cedar shims . . .

 . . . with detail below

Klauber's Western Swing left; Mogensen's No Title, 2013

Mogensen's untitled Pink painting, left, and No Title, 2012 in black and white
In the distance, my painting, Chromatic Geometry 13,  which brings you back to the front gallery. The gallery entrance is on the right as you pass from the back gallery to the front

My Chromatic Geometry 13, 2013, encaustic on panel

Summer Invitational is at the Elizabeth Harris Gallery through July 25. The gallery is at 529 W. 20th Street. Additional information is here.


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Nancy Natale said...

Beautiful show! All the work looks great. Congratulations to you and the other artists, Joanne!

annell4 said...

I love this work! It is so beautiful!!!

Catherine Nash said...

This is a superb show...Joanne, I think it is some of my favorite works of yours~ Your manipulation of space and color interactions is truly dynamic~ Love them!

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What a treasure trove of beauteous images to open the day to..thanks
Joanne!! xo