Summer Solos, Part 2: Debra Ramsay


When is a walk in the woods not just a walk in the woods? When Debra Ramsay records each color she sees. The tangible result of such a walk is at Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden/Pocket Utopia in Chelsea, up through August 1.

Debra Ramsay's window installation on West 22nd Street

A walk in the woods, repeated seasonally as the colors change, is transposed into a grid of 72 silk squares, each painted with a hue from nature. There is a bit of the prayer flag about them, which seems entirely appropriate, allowing us to acknowledge something larger than ourselves. That we view them from a city sidewalk is not so much ironic as it is connective, a way to bring the experience to us (or us to the experience)

Two details from the installation

View from the High Line: Ramsay posted this on her Facebook page, and I knew I had to share it with you here


CMC said...

I love these... it really resonates with me.

annell4 said...

Beautiful post! thank you!

Unknown said...

I love Debra's use of silk - a wonderfully intimate layer that reflects the fragility of the nature she has captured.