So, Miami Again This Year

Updated 12.2.14
I'm either an art junkie or a glutton for punishment (or maybe both). This is the ninth year I'm going to Miami to view and report on the art fairs. 

Part of me loves it. I mean, where else can you see a world's worth of art in such concentrated time and space? The other part, however, hates the ostentation, overindulgence, and overpriced--to say nothing of the late shuttles and unavailable taxis--that come with the territory. Can't have one without the other, alas.

There are 28 fairs or events taking place this week! I've highlighted the ones I plan to see. There are eight listed, but actually nine fairs in all, since Art Miami's satellite, Context, is a separate fair next door.

This is the best guide to the Miami fairs, designed by Boyd Level and available from Xipsy. There are two sides (the other provides shuttle and taxi information). Print them out as a double-sided page, for a pocket guide to a week's worth of events

You'd think by looking at the floor plans that the fairs are easy to navigate, but you'd be wrong. ABMB is offering a free downloadable GPS map for iPhones (info here and here) so that you'll know exactly where you are--a big help if you're going for the first time, because even with the map it's easy to feel like you'll never make it out alive.

ABMB: Not as easy to navigate as it looks. But there is help

I'll have work with Projects Gallery at Aqua Art. This is my second year showing with the gallery. Stop in to Room 115, at the far end of the courtyard on the first floor. I'll be in attendance at the Wednesday night opening, later in the evening. and periodically throughout the run of the show. Tell Helen and Frank I sent you.  I know I've said this before, but I love Aqua. It's the anti-ABMB--small, light filled, easily navigable, with interesting art that won't require a second mortgage to acquire.

My painting, Silk Road 224, 2014, encaustic on panel, 12 x 12 inches
Find me at Projects Gallery, Room 115, at Aqua Art

Human-scaled and easy to navigate, plus all the rooms open onto the courtyard

As for the rest of the fairs, on the beach side I'm looking forward to Pulse and Untitled. Untitled returns for the third year in a fabulous tent just feet away from the water. Pulse, making the move back across the Causeway, will have a tent a couple of miles up Collins Avenue. And NADA will be in its regular location, the chandeliered Deauville Resort. If ever there was an incongrous pairing, this is it. Ignore the over-the-top light fixtures and garish carpeting and focus on the art. (And if the day is nice, walk out onto the beach.)

Across the bay in Miami proper, I'll be hitting Art Miami and Context, and my favorite there, Miami Project. There are some great private collections, but the fairs are all about art triage; pick what's most important, because you can't do it all. I will also be stopping into the Square Foot Show, a democratic event at Project Gallery's space in the Wynwood Lofts.

If you're in Midtown, stop in

Free entry
. Ink
. Square Foot

Comp entry (additional info here)
I don't know that these will work, but it's worth a try
. For Miami Project, complimentary VIP passes; or try this
. For Art Miami, Context and Aqua, a one-day complimentary pass ; or try this; or this 
. For Aqua and Red Dot 
contact or call 267-303-9652 to request free tickets
. ABMB is more difficult to get into on a comp entry, so since you'll be paying a whopping $45 for the day, enter early and stay late to get your money's worth. A few strategies: Get a group of 10 or more and pay $30 each, or be a student or over 65 for the $30 entry. Info here

Here's one thing I won't be doing: Partying. After a day of  walking my feet off, I'll meet friends for dinner and then retire to my hotel room to ice my knees (even the good one), and review the photographs I took.

If you have links to comp passes, or you're showing at one of the fairs and would like to let everyone know, please post the info in the Comments section.


Ken Greenleaf said...

Check out Berry Campbell at Project. No work of mine there, my solo show is currently up at their Chelsea gallery, but they've got interesting work and Christine Berry and Martha Campbell are good to talk to.

heather wilcoxon said...

I have never been to the fair.. so am looking forward to your posts.. By the way, my work will be showing at Miami Projects/ booth 813 / Jack Fischer Gallery
Hoe you have the time to check his booth out..
Enjoy the madness..

Jessica Rosner said...

Hi Joanne,
The image of your painting is amazing.
I'll have some work with Yellow Peril, at Scope. But it looks like you won't be going to Scope. I have never been to Miami for the fairs. Just looking at the info you've posted is overwhelming. Have a great time. Am looking forward to reading more!

Unknown said...

David B Smith Gallery at Booth 105 will have a number of my 9" x 12" canvases there. Hope you have a chance to see something in person.

Love your work btw!

Miami Project Pavilion
NE 36th St and NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL, 33137

Leslie Wayne said...

Thank you Joanne for your intrepid coverage! I will have work at Jack Shainman Gallery's booth at Art Basel Miami. Happy travels.

S.A. said...

Hi Joanne,
Thanks again for this amazing thing you do!
My work will be at Art Miami with David Richard Gallery.
Hope you have a wonderful trip, & looking forward as always to your posts.

Anonymous said...

I should have work at George Lawson Gallery on Miami Projects...thanks for all your legwork Joanne!
Erin L.

Barbara Rachko said...

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for the Miami art fair info.
I won't be going, but I am showing photographs with Space 776 at Aqua.
Barbara Rachko

Patricia Dusman said...

Thanks for posting about the art fairs. I have 3 pieces in the Square Foot Show at Project Gallery's space in the Wynwood Lofts. Can't wait to read the reports.

Patricia Dusman

alyse rosner said...

Thanks for your fantastic coverage of the fairs-
My work will be at Pulse Booth D8 with Rick Wester Fine Art. Hope you can stop by.
Alyse Rosner

Astrid Fitzgerald said...

I'm looking forward to your coverage of the Miami art scene. Should you have time, you can see 2 of my works at Art Miami, presented by Art Nouveau Gallery. The space is designate as AMA4. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend.

Joey Harrison said...

Joanne, I discovered your blog about the time you were sharing photos and comments from last year's Miami events. I never saw any better reporting anywhere. And I've followed your blog ever since. I'm greatly looking forward to this year's posts. Take care of those knees; there are many art fairs ahead!

Tracey Adams said...

I'll have work at Red Dot with Bruce Lurie Gallery. Thanks for posting this and looking forward to reading your posts. Be well and travel safely1

Christine said...

Just looking at the maps make me overwhelmed. But you've figured out a system that works for you..(ice on the knees included!). I'll have two pieces at the Square Foot Show, Project Gallery's space in the Wynwood Lofts.
Looking forward to vicariously viewing and experiencing the fairs through your posts...

Jeff Kellar said...

Thanks, Joanne. I always look forward to your posts. I'll have work at Richard Levy and William Campbell. Wish I could visit yours at Aqua

Arden said...

Thank you Joanne!!! Maybe we will cross paths. I am only there for 48 hours this year.

julia schwartz said...

Hi Joanne, your painting looks great and I will appreciate your posts from afar! I will have work at John Wolf Fine Art at Aqua.