Off to the Cape

I'm off to Cape Cod to do a weeklong teaching residency, and to jury a show ("Thinking in Wax") at the Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro, almost at the tip of the Cape. The weather is forecast to be cool--good for painting, not so good for beach going. I may not return with a tan, but I will certainly have a report on the galleries and shows at the tip, Provincetown, which has a handful of very good venues.

Above: the tower, icon for the Castle Hill Center for the Arts.

If I can post while I'm there, I will--depends on my access to wireless.
Meanwhile, if you haven't hit these recent posts, take a look:

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. Serra and Stella--two long posts, one on both; the other on Serra's painterly surfaces
. "Luxe, Calme et Volupte," the show I curated for the Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta--the show is up through the 25th, so if you can't see it in person, see it here. And read my essay if you have a moment.
Plus a the usual rants and opinions, and a lot of links.

Below, the painting studio where I'll be spending the week.

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