On View: The Blogger Show

So here I am on the West Coast for a long-planned event while The Blogger Show opened on Friday night in New York. I was going to try to make a (bad) San Francisco pun--heart, art--but the fact is that I left my art in the East Village, so no can do.

James Kalm, one of the artists in the show, video'd 10 minutes worth of the
opening. Check it out. (Right: That's Libby Rosof, with Roberta Fallon just behind her, of the Philly-based Fallon and Rosof Art Blog.) Kalm shot a 360 of the gallery, so you'll see a lot of good stuff, including my painting--the one in the sidebar at right (scroll down a bit to the second image, Uttar 80). And of course check out the show in person at the Agni Gallery, 170 E. 2nd Street.

More info on my schedule blog.

The Blogger show features the work of 35 artists who blog, and the point is to begin a visual dialog between artist and blog to see how one informs the other. Times 35. So there's homework involved.

I'll be back on Tuesday with more to tell you, both here and on Two Artists Talking. But for the moment I'm closing up shop as my body clock tries to reset. There's the three-hour time difference. Then the fall-back hour. So I've landed unexpectedly in Mountain Time. I think. Tomorrow I head back East to begin the temporal confusion anew.

P.S. Big ups to Nancy Baker and Bill Gusky for their remarks on the Kalm video (and to James for asking). And equally big ups to John Morris and Susan Constanse for pulling off the show.

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