On the Geometric Trail: Part Four

Two of a Kind
Sol LeWitt in "Deconstructed Geometry" at Vivian Horan Fine Art
Ted Larsen, "Constructed Objects," at OK Harris

Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing #604A-Cubic Rectangle with Color Ink Washes Superimposed, 1989

This work was the centerpiece of "Deconstructed Geometry," which ran officially until January 17 but was still up when I stopped in at the end of the month.

Ted Larsen: Chicklets, 2007, 6 x 6 x 6 inches

This solo show is at OK Harris through February 9th

OK, so I'm stating the obvious, but here's what I love about this pairing of Sol LeWitt and Ted Larsen: big versus little, flat versus dimensional, concept versus object, saturated versus pale, light versus shadow, uptown versus downtown. These kinds of connections sometimes occur as I'm viewing work, other times as I'm viewing the images after the fact. In this instance, geometry was the thread connecting a number of shows I've seen and posted about this winter, but it was not until I sat down to edit these particular images did this pairing fall into place. I'd call it the conceptual version of the kids' toy that requires you to fit a shaped block into the correspondingly shaped hole--even though none of the shapes is quite exactly the same.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
This is a great series. But I have to say that Larsen's Chicklets is amazing. The interaction with the environment really struck me.