Alfresco Geometry

Nothing pedestrian about this diagonal swipe of two-tone color. See the grid lines of the sidewalk?

Twentieth Street is a particularly great place for alfresco geometry. A while back I showed you painted trucks from the DPW depot on the corner at 10th. This time it's geometry at my feet--in front of the loading docks on the north side of the street, middle of the block.

This an apt image for the week. I'm pounding the pavement as I dash from the West Chelsea galleries to fairs all over town. Having already seen the Armory Show and Scope and peeked at Art Now, I'm still figuring out out to best cover the fairs. (What, you think I'm going to stop everything to give you another 16-part Miami extravaganza?)

I also want to report on the ADAA panel at MoMA on Saturday morning, Is the Killer Art Market Killing Art and the Art Bloggers panel, The Impact of Bloggers on the Art World, at Red Dot on Sunday morning.

Stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy these observations of geometry around the city. This photo in particular had me fooled--I thought "what great color in that work!"

lookinaroundbob said...

Richie Diebenkorn would be proud