Art on the Street

This is not the first time I've posted images of Chelsea's street color, but it's the first time I've commented on the references to Steir, Indiana, Pollock and Rothko.

Steir on the Street? Shot on 21st Street, outside Eyebeam Gallery

Same location, different reference

A few Pollockian drips on 20th Street

Rothko on a dumpster?

These images were taken over the course of several months, so they may not be there now.

For more ephemeral art, visit Joy Garnett's Newsgrist. She's got a series of Found Art--fleeting "installations" like this, this, this and this.

Update, August 3: In his blog, In it for Life, Tim McFarlane shows a fabulous "Rothko Wall" in Philly.


Nancy Natale said...

These are great - especially the Pat Steir with graffiti in the waterfall stream. That blue is lovely against the stone (concrete?). Thanks for these found colorist art posts - very enjoyable!

John Tallman said...


Great seeing!