Sol Lewitt at Mass Moca via The New Modernist

I just found out about the Sol Lewitt Retrospective coming to Mass Moca. I read about it on Edward Lifson's blog, The New Modernist, via CultureGrrl, aka Lee Rosenbaum. On Lifson's June 25 post he shows many, many fabulous pics of the installation-in-progress, Sol Lewitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective at Mass Moca.

Here's one.

At Mass Moca: A Sol Lewitt in progress. Photograph from Edward Lifson's blog, The New Modernist


According to an online press release from the museum, the retrospective will consist of 100 works . . . covering nearly an acre of wall surface, that LeWitt created from 1968 to 2007.

If you have any concerns that a Sol Lewitt won't be a real Sol Lewitt now that he's gone, the documentation will put your fears to rest. Personally, I'd find the job of translating the drawings to be hell on a scaffold, but I'm glad others are up for the task.

They'll be at it for a while. The show doesn't open until November 18, and the installation will be up for 25 years. But you know how these things this go: Put it off and before you know it, it's 2033 and you've missed it.

Update 7.9.09: Chris Ashley has a great image of the Lewitt floor plan



Hylla said...

hehe. Okay in 2033 when you have free time and not a billion other things on your plate, I'll meet you in the lobby.

Nancy Natale said...

Hope to see you on this side of Worcester sometime this year or next!