This section of Wynwood was cheek-by-jowl with fairs: Scope, Art Asia, Photo Miami, Art Miami, the Green Fair and, just up the street, Red Dot and Bridge

By the time I got to Scope, fair fatigue had set in. The symptoms? Inability to concentrate, distraction, irritability, achy knees, and a disconcerting tendency to cover the same ground two and three times--i.e. going in circles--all wrapped in a mantle of hunger and exhaustion. So you'll understand when I tell you that I wasn't sure I was seeing what came next.

First I came upon a mirrored car parked outside the entrance to the fair. Then I saw a maiden asleep alone in the in the grass (at least I think she was alone). And then I saw a superhero, perhaps 20 feet tall, rising out of the ground, wearing a blue jersey with a large red S on his chest.

The mirrored car . . .
. . . the sleeping maiden

. . . and the superhero rising out of the ground

(This image from The Obama Art Report )

And then back to reality, which in this case was a long, light filled entrance with the image of a sumptuously dressed Renaissance (?) woman. Here are some installation images, followed by a few particulars. You've seen additional work from Scope in the Trends and Coincidences posts, and will see more in additional thematic posts.

The Scope entryway

And a few shots, below, to give you a sense of the space

Bryan Rojsuontikul installation at Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Pepe Lopez installation at Hardcore Art, Miami

Ted Larsen installation at Pan American Art Projects, Dallas and Miami

Some work was selling very well, including these small watercolors by Dawn Black (not sure at which gallery), at $250 each

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