FAIR WEATHER: Geometry (First of Two)

ABMB: Frank Stella "protractor" painting, John Chamberlain sculpture, Josef Albers painting (another Chamberlain/Albers pairing) at Waddington Galleries, London

I feel like the marathoner who has hit the wall and pushed past it. I'm almost there! To those of you who have commented here on the blog, mentioned my effort on your own blog, or e-mailed me directly, thank you. You've been like the folks on that 26-mile route handing out water.
If you follow this blog, you know that I write regularly about geometric abstraction. My own work falls into this category, and I'm intellectually and visually engaged by the endlessly inventive ways artists have employed a few basic shapes with a variety of materials (a few in these Geometry posts: household gloss on canvas, tempera on canvas, wax on panel, plastic tape, lights, paper and pins, needlepoint, cast resin, plexi, collage, painted wood and aluminum, and colored pencil as both drawing material and collage element).
I've included many splendid examples of the genre in the posts from the various venues, but I wanted a dedicated post on geometry. Turns out there will be two. Even after I edited and re-edited my selections, I still had too much for one post.
ABMB: Alfred Leslie, Cough Control, 1961-62, at Allan Stone Gallery, New York
So let's start with some works from the Sixties and Seventies, and then follow a visual narrative of shape, color, proportion and material as one image leads into the next.

Art Miami: Artist and date to be identified at McCormick Gallery, Chicago

Art Miami: Jesus Rafael Soto, Mural Cinetico, 1983, painted wood, aluminum and other materials, at Leon Tovar Gallery, New York

Detail below

Art Miami: Frederick Hammersley (two paintings at left dated 1965), Jeremy Thomas and William Metcalf at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Santa Fe

ABMB: John McLaughlin, paintings from the 1960s, including 1963, foreground, at Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

ABMB: Jo Baer, Untitled (White Square Lavender), 1964-1974, and Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

ABMB: Esther Stocker at Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna


ABMB: Francesco Vezzoli, Galerie Neu, Berlin

ABMB: Robert Mangold at Pace Wildenstein, New York and elsewhere

ABMB: Richard Tuttle, also at Pace Wildenstein

Closer view of one work below

ABMB: Rachel Whiteread at Luhring Augustine, New York

Scope: Pepe Lopez at Hardcore Contemporary, Miami

Art Miami: Joseph Goldberg at Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle

Art Miami: Regine Schumann at Galerie Renate Bender, Berlin


Art Miami: Carlos Estrada Vega at William Siegel Gallery, Santa Fe

Aqua Hotel: Cecilia Biagini at The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn

Art Miami: Mark Fox at Larissa Goldston, New York
Detail below


Pulse: Ivelisse Jiminez at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami


Pulse: Beat Zoderer at FTC Gallery, Berlin


Pamela Farrell said...

Hi Joanne
Loved seeing the Alfred Leslie...always thought he was ahead of his time.
Joseph Goldberg is a favorite in wax.
Did you see other encaustic work in any of the fairs?

Thanks for doing all this!!!

Joanne Mattera said...

Yes, I did see other paintings and sculptures in wax at the fairs. I've integrated them into the various posts, either thematically or by venue--and there's a nice pair of Amy Ellingson paintings coming up in the next one, Geometry 2--but I must admit that I am holding out much of what I saw for my "Wax at the Art Fairs" talk, which I'll present at some point during the Encaustic Conference or post-conference ( )in June.

Anonymous said...

Great photos as always Joanne, I appreciate all your posts from Miami! A lot of fabulous work! Thanks

Timja said...

I like this blog! Very inspiring, so much interesting things.