50 0ver 50 Has Been Canceled

Sorry, folks.
This online exhibition has been canceled.
There were almost 100 submissions in my inbox this morning! When I posted this project here on the blog, I was thinking of it as something to involve my readers. Apparently the full text of this post was distributed by several arts organizations to their electronic bulletin boards and list serves. People who have never been to the blog before were submitting images. (I knew something was up when one artist asked me to e-mail her when the exhibition went up. That didn't sound like a blogosphere bunnie to me.)
I cannot imagine processing 100 entries every day, or even half that, for the next two months. I am a working artist who maintains this blog as a labor of love. So with deep regrets I'm canceling this project. Many thanks to those of you who submitted work.
Down the road I'll curate an exhibition on the same topic, but not via a call for submissions.