Cold? Come Stand Next To These

Seeing the image of Teresita Fernandez's Fire on C-Monster's blog reminded me that I'd photographed a toasty Morris Louis at Paul Kasmin last year, which reminded me that Julian Jackson has some wonderful new paintings whose theme is fire. Then the flames spread, so to speak, to include Kate Beck's fiery Naranga, Heather Hutchison's glowing Divided (warm), my own incandescent Ciel Rouge, Eva Lake's jumpy Hot Spot, a little fireplace of an image from Josef Albers and a cosmic blast-furnace from Natvar Bhavsar. All provide visual comfort on these days when the temperature is heading down toward zero. Then there are the flames of Fra Angelico's The Attempted Martyrdom of Saints Cosmas and Damian--but you don't want to get too close to those.

Morris Louis at Paul Kasmin Gallery, late 2007

Julian Jackson, Watching Fire Study #2, 2008, oil on panel 16 x 14 inches

Teresita Fernandez, Fire, at SFMOMA (image from C-Monster blog)

Josef Albers, Study for Homage to the Square

Eva Lake, Hot Spot, 12 x 12 inches, part of a larger installation, Richter Scale

Kate Beck, Naranga, 2006, oil on canvas, 84 x 60 inches

Heather Hutchison, Divided (warm), 2006, mm, 18 x 18 x 2.5 inches

Joanne Mattera, Ciel Rouge, 2006, encaustic on panels, 48 x 67 inches

Natvar Bhavsar, Andhare, 2005, pure pigment on canvas, 75 x 68 inches

Fra Angelico, The Attempted Martyrdom of Saints Cosmas and Damian


Nancy Natale said...

I needed this today. It was 15 below outside my kitchen window this morning. Thanks for the visual hot toddy!

Anonymous said...

not to be competitive, but
minus 26.
i didn't stay out long enough to be able to claim to know what that feels like.

Anonymous said...

68F but with a light breeze it felt like 67.
My heart goes out to you all. I nearly put on long sleeves today and tonight might call for a sweater.
Heather's piece is stunning and Joanne, your Ciel Rouge in person is hot hot hot!

Casey Klahn said...

A sneaky way to revisit your post on "orange".

Joanne Mattera said...


I believe you're thinking of Kate Beck, who did a post on Orange.

There's nothing "sneaky" about this blog ;-)

Eva said...

Thanks for including me in the heat!

Kate Beck said...

Hey Joanne -- Thanks for stoking this incredible HEAT with Naranga! 5 Canada geese took refuge outside my studio during yesterdays storm -- guess they were feeling it :)

Anonymous said...

i was lucky enough to catch that morris louis piece last year. it was the first tie i had seen anything by him and it was by far the stand out of the show.