Streetside Geometry


The construction wall at 10th Avenue near 23rd is endlessly interesting. I showed pictures of it a while back when it was in a Clyford Still mode. Now this:

I'll be back later this week with images from Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art, Donna Sharrett at Pavel Zoubok, and John Salvest at Morgan Lehman. Yes, I'm late with everything I saw in May, but something got in the way. What was it? Oh, right. Life.


Seth said...

Great eye. You've captured a work of art here.

Anonymous said...

Life got in the way? Rumor has it there's a convergence of artists, writers, critics, gallerists, paint makers in Massachusetts this weekend at your suggestion. Your life includes a lot more leadership and hard work than several other people combined. Brava for many jobs well done!
It seems even other species of nature have followed you to the conference this year. How do you do it?

George said...

Don't miss Alice Neel at Zwirner (69th and 21st) Not abstract but hands down the best psintings on view in Chelsea.

Also Sophie Calle, at Paula Cooper, made me a believer. The show is stunning.

MACO said...

Nice to meet you. I like your artworks. :) I linked your blog on my blog list. ;)