A Great Opening on Friday! Pics Coming Soon . . .


Slippery When Wet, a group show of painting and photography that expresses and references water, has opened at Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn.

I'm one of seven artists (Suzan Batu, Susan Homer, Nancy Manter, Andrew Mockler, Don Muchow, Peter Schroth) in the show, which is curated by Julian Jackson and Rene Lynch.
Soon, soon, soon I'll post pics of the show and from the opening. Meanwhile, click here for the Metaphor website; here for a peek at some of my paintings.



Susan Buret said...


The works look beautiful and surfaces delicious even on my monitor. I wish I could see them in the flesh.
I hope you post more images from the show.

Supria Karmakar said... the name of this show and love the glimpses of your work there....wonderful..have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the exhibition.

Today I went into town for an event at the convention center (Our local art supply store was hosting a wholesale event to the public). While wondering around the event I came across a booth with tons of encaustic materials AND your book. In fact your book was the featured thing in their booth! The representative was going on and on about your book (she called it the "holy bible" of encaustic painting). I watched her for a few seconds while she must have sold at least 3 copies. It was cool and I just thought you might want to know.
Best, Ted Larsen

Stephanie Clayton said...

Alas, I cannot attend but will watch for follow-up(s) from the show, which looks so interesting judging from the press releases and pre-show write-ups.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

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