Water, Water Everywhere

The L'eau Down:
At SoHo 20: Darla Bjork, Water #2, 2008, encaustic and oil, 16 x 32 inches

Maybe it's because an aqueous sensibility has permeated my own artmaking recently, but I'm more attuned to painting in which water is reference or theme.
Paintings from Darla Bjork's Water Series had the main gallery at SoHo 20 Gallery. With a cool palette and a fluid gesture, Bjork creates an environment in which water seems to roil, wave, break and flow. Using encaustic, she takes full advantage of the medium's fluid qualities, allowing paint drips to develop the compositions and enhance the sensation of liquid. The show ran through September 26, but you can see more on Bjork's website.
At Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, Kylie Heidenheimer shows eight paintings that reference the elements. Two stand out as particularly topical. The show has been extended to October 17.

Port, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 38 x 38 inches

Installation showing Port and Raceway
Below: Raceway, 2008, acrylic on panel, 46 x 46 inches



rappel said...

good to see all these images, Joanne.
here's another exhibit of water coming up - opens Oct 15th at Fischbach - paintings by Fredericka Foster (

Nancy Natale said...

Lovely, evocative work. Those blues get me every time.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Excellent post. Let's hear it for aqueousness in painting. I would go so far as to say that water, the sensations attached to floating or swimming in it, are integral to all abstract painting.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Art that references or somehow alludes to water (especially in encaustic) is right up my alley. You've got me interested in both these artists; I'll check the links for more.